"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shopping and Game Day

Where is my coat? ....and where did I put my wonderful black driving gloves?
How in the world did winter slip in and catch me unawares?
However it happened, it happened and I have plenty of coats at home so, no,
I will not be buying something new; I have a fleece for heaven's sake.
     Today was game day at the Korenak house, although the Tigers (Missouri,
not Louisiana) and the Sooners didn't play until evening. I went out to the stores in search of a
new pair of walking shoes and found a nice pair at Kohls. They are black and yellow,
in honor of the Mizzou Tigers, since I am a guest here....and they happened to fit quite well.
I spent some time wandering through Hallmark (always dangerous this time of the year). I picked up
and put back down many things, as is my habit, and ended up taking only two home for Christmas gifts.
    I tried to buy some clothes as well, warmer shirts, but couldn't seem to make that happen. I couldn't figure out what 'looked like me' for some reason.  I did not like that feeling at all; I am who I am. That has not changed....but it seems to have changed when I try to buy clothes, for some reason (very unsettling).
I also had lunch out, alone, and found that oddly depressing too.
     I have run into this phenomenon several times already: being a single person in a society of couples.  I have several friends who are presently single, or have always been so, and they have tried to describe this awkward unease to me in years past. I could not see it from their perspective until now, understandably. It seems very strange to me because when Danny was living I often went places alone when he could not come along, but it was different then. I was not single then, I was simply without my partner at that particular time; I was one of a couple even if the other person was not there. I am sure I will get used to this eventually but right now it presses my spirit down and my light goes out.

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Abbey said...

Cool background. I have noticed that when traveling too, it is weird. Just wanted to let you know the meds are working great and I feel much better. Hugs!