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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TBW and Pics of Zane

For those of you who do not go to my blog on the actual site, but get it by email instead, here is the link to Audra's blog which you might want to visit for a Zane update, complete with pictures.
     Today was my first day home after a long visit at Audra's and, wouldn't you know it, The Blessed Wind (which I will hereafter refer to as TBW)  blew like a mad man all day long.  I ventured out this morning to see if the new prairie grasses were up in the orchard and nearly blew into the next door neighbor's yard! There are some grasses up and waving in TBW and lots of what I want to call weeds, but I know they are probably other newcomers. If all that comes up is our usual conglomerate of Pig Weed, Ragweed, Fire weed, Johnson Grass and crab grass I will be unhappy, to say the least. I have high hopes.  My little trees are doing well so far (special thanks to Allen S. for all the TLC while I was away)!  I gave them another drink this morning and tomorrow I will probably stake the larger trees and go on a search for sturdy trunk wraps or guards for the winter months.  I noticed that the deer had already discovered the tasty leaves of the Willows. Yum!
     TBW quickly ran me back indoors and I headed to the bank and on to Enid for an afternoon of test driving cars. I love doing this lately; not that I will probably ever buy one, but it is so fun to see what is new this season.  I drove a Chevy Cruz today; a small car that drives and feels and sounds like a big car! What a wonder! I loved it AND it has a little turbo engine so it definitely has some kick to it if you need it.
    The stars are out and brilliant in a moonless sky tonight. I think I will go out and visit with the Lord. Love you guys.

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