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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Visit from Friends

I had the best time today! My friend Annette came up to the farm with her four children. That's them in the picture above: Samantha, Daniel and Rose (baby Sabrianne was in the house with their mom). We had lunch and then they helped me pick up the twigs that have been cut off the limbs by that nasty little bug the Twig Girdler. They lay their eggs under the bark of a twig and then proceed to gnaw around and around the twig until it is cut off the tree and falls. If the twigs are left on the ground the larvae will hatch out in the spring and crawl right back up the same tree and eat it to ribbons. The kids helped me pick up arm loads of the twigs, large and small and then we set the whole shooting match on fire. So there!
     We went on walk along the rim of the creek bank, during which I was terrified that Daniel (age 7) would lean over the edge and fall head first into the rushing red water.(I spent hundreds of hours feeling the same dread, for the same reasons, when Able was growing up). Daniel was not at all concerned about that happening however.  We walked all the way round and down along Able's Path to the very edge of the creek. Along the way we discovered that our enemies the beaver family have returned to the Hundred Acre Wood and are chewing it down willy nilly. I will call the game ranger again. The water of the creek was too cold, too red and running too rapidly to wade this time around but I promised them a 'knee deep  creek walk' next summer when they come out to watch the fireflies. 
  Samantha, Rose and I also made an apple pie together, and Daniel picked up all the eggs still hiding in the garden from Easter, and washed them for me. We also ran the hay bales. If you have never participated in the running of the bales you have missed tons of fun; gangs of fun; whoops and hollers of fun. Here are some of our best shots. Even I climbed up on top and jumped back and forth a few times. 
                                                      A leap and a smile on this one. What talent!

                                                        Notice the small boy cringing below.

                                                          Good times at the close of the day.

 It finally began to grow chilly so we headed back indoors and Daniel blew the fire back to life. We added more wood, cleaned the pitchfork and toasted some marshmallows, cooked some hot dogs and had some mac and cheese out of Styrofoam cups. The baby even got to join us for a little while, all bundled up in her winter coat.

                                                 Sam and Rosie cheesing it up for the cam.

 Little Sabrianne (I pretty sure that isn't how they spell it but it is probably in the ball park) is seven months young and just learning to crawl. After fire chatter (one of the best kinds of chatter, if you ask me )we came inside for some of the apple pie, a friendly romp up and down the keyboard of my piano and some beautiful singing by the girls.  
    They started on their way home with the promise to return soon and often. The kids unanimously agreed that living in the country would be fantastic and were begging their mom to let them move asap. It was an amazingly beautiful night, cool enough to pull us all close to the fire, the moon floating directly above our heads and the stars just peaking out, the taste of toasty burnt sugar in our mouths. There is simply nothing as yummy as marshmallows stuck on a pitch fork and roasted over a wood fire.  Ah traditions; may they continue forever. 

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