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Friday, December 31, 2010


Able, Katie and I have been deep into our project of the day: taking inventory of Danny's Tamac Pottery collection. If you have never heard of Tamac pottery you are not alone and probably not from north central Oklahoma. Tamac, although it looks and feels like pottery is actually china and can be used in the oven. It was manufactured in Perry, Oklahoma in the nineteen fifties and was very modern looking at the time. The calling card of Tamac dinnerware is that is fits beautifully in the hand due to interesting ridges and indentions that are located in the precise spot where your fingers will be when you pick it up.  Amazing stuff!
Here are some of our Frosty Pine items.

     Danny was wild about all the pieces and has quite a good collection. We have been trying to locate and catalog everything but are still missing a few pieces (the turkey platter, to be exact, one of the serving bowls and several of the birds). This afternoon Able and I donned our headlamps and breathing masks and went spelunking in the crawl space beneath the house, hoping to find lost treasure. Sure enough, there, in a cardboard box which was disintegrating down into the earth were several beautiful pieces of Frosty Fudge Tamac, including the 4 qt. pitcher!!!  Yippee!! We felt quite a bit like Indiana Jones....complete with spiders crawling up our backs (not my favorite part).
  These are some of the Frosty Fudge items, juice glasses and the famous Tamac Tumbler. Notice the finger ridges on the tumbler? You would be amazed how nice this glass feels in your hand because of them!
Lots of the smaller items like salt and peppers, creamers and such are pinched in sides for easy handling. The picture below is of a creamer. See that extremely functional lip and the pinched sides? This is one of my favorite pieces.

      If you happen to already be a fan of Tamac, or know someone who is and is interested in growing their collection, give us a holler. We plan to keep some of the pieces and sell some of them, especially the larger items, on eBay soon.


kimi said...

WOW! This is a gorgeous collection of Tamac! I just discovered this beautiful stuff today. Then I found your post. Are you planning to sell any of it? I would love to buy some...or a lot. Please let me know. THANKS! kimi.

Anonymous said...

If so, will you contact kimportant@gmail.com .
thanks! kimi.

Jay said...

I'm interested in any Frosty Pine if you haven't already listed on ebay. If so, what's your ebay username? Thanks! - jayconway@sbcglobal.net