"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

30 on Tuesday

Looking for the silver lining when temps are over 100 for nearly a month straight.

1.  I don't have to fight with my coat while I'm driving.
2.  My heating bill is 'zippo'.
3.  I have plenty of time for inside projects, things that needed doing anyway.
4.  I don't have to inch my way into the freezing lake to swim...because it is a warm as bath water.
5.  The garden doesn't take up all my time...BECAUSE IT'S DEAD..but still.
6.  I don't have to mow the lawn anymore (see #5)
7.  I have a nice tan....well, some parts of me do.
8.  I have drastically cut what I spend on coffee and hot tea.
9.  It is perfect weather for reading a good book or going to the movie theater with friends.
10.I get to watch my grandkids play in the sprinkler and the kiddie pool. What fun!
11.The summer sky is breathtakingly blue and a blessing to my eyes.
12. It is so dry there are no mosquitoes here.
13. The dead grass makes a nice rustling sound when you walk across it..I'm thinking maracas??
14. It's too hot to cook anything so I think I'm losing weight. (Not that I've actually weighed.)
15. I have time to sit in the cool house and read the blogs of my Blogging friends. Hi Jan!
16. I know that my deodorant still works quite well. That's good to know.
17. It makes me thankful that I'm not a chicken, or an alpaca.
18. It turns my thoughts to friends in Minnesota. Hi LouAnn!
19. It makes me jealous of my friend Diane, who is is Alaska...where I ought to be. (Next year!)
20. It makes me so grateful for the little wren who sings from the trellis outside my bathroom window.
      He sings when no other birds can find their voices.
21. I like the sound of the cicadas buzzing in the cottonwoods. That is the sound that means summer to me.
22. The sunsets are knock-your-socks-off gorgeous because of all the dust in the air.
23. I can hang the clothes on the line to dry and they smell warm and alive when I take them in.
24. The ice cream truck can be heard driving through the streets when I go to town.
25. Perfect weather for snow cones and icy-pops.
26. .........skipping 26.
27........and 27 apparently. I'm trying to get to thirty and am really reaching here.
28. The wind isn't blowing.....at all. (A breeze would actually be very nice right now but I dare not say
     that out loud because of you-know-who. TBW.)
29. When I water a spot in the evening I get to see my little lizards come scurrying across the garden.
30. It makes me hold the people who live in the desert more closely to my heart. My little friend in Africa
     for example, who shares my birthday. Bless you my dear Muzuringe.

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