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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heart Stopper

    This bizarre episode started out with an innocent deception, unintended by Zane but believe my myself.
For most of the afternoon Zane had been walking around shaking a box of macaroni and enjoying the sound of the rattle. I was using the rattle to keep his location in mind as he wandered here and there around the living room, dining room and kitchen.
     I decided to make a pie with some frozen pears I found in the freezer and was working on the topping when I looked up and saw little blood red footprints all over the kitchen floor. I turned and saw Zane with red hands and face. My poor heart stopped for seconds as I searched him for where it was bleeding. Then I noticed that he had a package of Black Cherry Koolaid in his his hands. He had chewed it open and proceeded to shake the whole packet out all over the kitchen floor.
      I grabbed him and tried to wash him up, to no avail. I put him in the high chair and started cleaning the floor. Let's just say that Audra's floor tiles and grout have a slightly pink tinge now and I think it looks lovely. It goes well with the red walls.I took Zane to the bath and did some heavy duty scrubbing on his little red feet  hands in the hopes that he wasn't stained for life. I guess the people at Kool-aid know kids are going to get that stuff all over everything and have planned for that eventuality. Blessings on their heads.

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Nutmegger said...

Man do I know that feeling! Can't wait to see you. Bring your good camera would you? THanks, erica