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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lessons learned

1.  We need to have camp much earlier in the year next time. I'm thinking May or early    June.
2.  I need a larger staff:
    A: Someone in charge of cooking and clean up from meals.
    B: An activity director for planning and leading outdoors activities.
    C: Someone in charge of cleaning the house and everyone's clothes.
    D: Someone in charge of indoor crafts.
    E: Someone in charge of the memory books for camp.
   I will be in charge of loving on the little ones and photography. :) Right.
It was a great help having Amanda along this year to do the running and carrying for me. Thanks a bunch Amanda!

(By the way, some really pervy people have been leaving nasty comments again so, if you cannot  leave a comment, don't worry. If you are already a member you can sign in I believe, and leave something. Thanks for reading along. You can always email me, which works well.) 

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