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Friday, July 15, 2011

Plastic Tubing

      For the blue-eyed boy, the toy of choice today is a long piece of tubing he found lying on the ground near the exercise equipment.  He has dragged it along after him, all over the basement and back again, wiggled it around on the top of his little table, stuck it in his mouth, chewed on it, taken it to the wood floor and listened to the sound of it wiggling around on that. He has tried to climb the stairs with it in hand, only to find that it did not want to go up and slithered back to the bottom every time. He tried to strangle his giant brown bear with it, he wore it as a belt and draped around his neck.  His favorite trick was to try to walk all the way across the room with the tubing hooked over one shoulder.
      He would have nothing to do with his hidden objects farm puzzle, or the activity table with all the bells and whistles. He only wanted the tubing and one time he traded it for a pair of his dad's shorts that were sitting on top of the folding pile.  He wore them on his head mostly and flung them down on the floor again and again which led him to noticing the tubing once again so off he went to wiggle it on the floor as he did a cute little tappity tap tap dance beside it. Ha! A one man band! I applauded with gusto.
     It just goes to show you that the simplest things are full of wonder to someone who is proudly one full year young.

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Jan B said...

hahahaha. Hilarious! :)