"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


      Here is our Maggie, wearing the Tiara given to her by her other grandmother before she was born. No, her parents are not royalty, she is not a princess (although she does have the Princess panties!) She is simply a small, lovely child full of wonder and impressions, learning every day, just getting a good handle on this mishmash of languages we call American English. She isn't even old enough yet to have hopes and dreams beyond the hope of snuggling safe in her parents arms or playing in the sprinkler in the heat of the day. We love her beyond words.

     When I was a girl in my early teens I went Christmas shopping with my mother and in one shop I spied a tiara sitting on white satin in the viewing case. It became the object I had to have, the one and only thing I wanted for Christmas. When my mother was paying for her purchases I looked in the case again and the tiara was gone. She had bought it! My heart leapt and I could not speed the days along until Christmas morning when I could have it in my hands. My own tiara, alive with light and ever mine!

When Christmas Day finally arrived, I tore open the present with shining eyes and pounding heart, only to discover that my mother had purchased new underwear for me in that store and not, in fact, the hoped for tiara.  I don't remember anything else I received that Christmas; it didn't matter. Now I know that she would never have bought anything so frivilous when money was so precious, but I wish that she had because I would never have another and now, of course they do not matter to me anymore. I seek inner lights now, but in those years I thought I needed them at hand.

I am glad Miss Maggie has her tiara now. I am glad she knows that she is beautiful, precious, perfectly accepted and loved just as she is, right now. I am glad she won't think she has to earn her tiara in some contest of beauty where she is measured against other little girls, dressed in ruffled skirts that stand out from the hips and made up to look like she is twenty. 
      Maggie is a jewel, a bright and shining jewel who is wisely cautious of strangers and generous with her affections. She is very nearly two years young. Is there any age more lovely, more rife with innocence?


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Jan B said...

Oh, my heavens - LOVE this! Your "inner light" shines beautifully. Your little ones are so blessed to have YOU! :) Our little Mags turned two on the 8th. Oh, how I ADORE this age! So full of wonder and self and joy. Who ever said it was terrible wasn't looking in the right place...