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Monday, August 22, 2011


      One of the things that Brendan likes best about coming to the farm are our adventures.  His Uncle Able started it all when B was quite small by taking him on an adventure under the bridge. Abbey and I were concerned when they remained gone far longer than we had expected. As I recall it was still fairly cold out and we were pretty sure little B would be frozen solid. But no, when they came in B was incredibly excited that Uncle Able had taken him climbing on the pile of wood and they had gone under the bridge and climbed on the rocks.
      During Farm Camp we discovered the Spotted Rock Pond with its wavy shale cliffs running alongside, perfect for exploring, climbing up and sliding down. Maggie was too little to attempt these soaring cliffs but B never tired of them, even though the temps were over a hundred degrees.

         During their latest visit Maggie decided she was old enough to go 'under the bridge' as well. I had my doubts. 'Under the Bridge' entails first climbing down a gentle slope, over tree roots and loose rocks and then slip-sliding down the even steeper grade covered with much larger rocks, none of which are stable, and then beating your way through the five feet tall Johnson Grass to the water's edge.  This is that climb on which the lead person has to help the people behind them and the last person (the largest person) has to push the others up and keep them from sliding all the way to the bottom. Maggie is two and decided she was ready. We went with it.

      I took the lead going down, Maggie was in the middle and B brought up the rear, helping M with where to put her hands and what to hold onto and such. B has become quite a patient teacher lately.  We made it to the top of the steep grade and discovered that many of the 'foot hold' rocks had been washed away in the May flood. That meant we would have to slide down on feet and bottom, I couldn't do it and help Maggie too.  B started down immediately and when I turned to M, I discovered that she had already turned around and was heading back up the hill, agile as a cat, grabbing onto rock edges, clambering over downed tree trunks and already out of reach. I convinced B that we would come back some other time to make the whole climb.  He made it up without any help and we managed to catch up with Maggie as she ducked expertly under the guard-rail of the bridge.

      Although we had our adventure wearing our visors (because Maggie wanted to) we changed into our Adventure Hats when we went out to check on the chickens and kittens. The hat I bought in Nova Scotia is now officially Maggie's Adventure hat. In case you aren't familiar with adventure hats they must have a broad brim and a string tie because TBW often wants to tag along on adventures.  Here B and M (holding baby Aubrietta) are standing beside my Naked Lady Lilies that are almost as tall as M!  I guess the lilies didn't get the memo about it being a drought here on the prairie and they decided to go for it.

BTW: This baby was given the name Aubrietta because we told Audra that was a name I secretly wanted to name her, before she was born.  However,  after a couple of ultrasounds and nine months of people telling me the baby was going to be boy we had laid all the girl names aside and settled on the name Luke  for him...her.  Surprise!!  In the rush and hurry to find a name I pulled the name Audra out of my memory from years before and yes, it did come from the Audra on the television show The Big Valley. Trivia for the bank.

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