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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dog Days

Able came up to the farm last night, a business related trip, and while he was here he and I carried water up to the cemetery to water the young Oak which Danny planted last spring.  When we opened the gate we were met by four puppies that came prancing and pawing around our legs.  Apparently someone thought a cemetery was a great place to leave four little pups to die.

     We took them home for food and water and some TLC.  They are sweet little pups and, though I might want one dog, I certainly don't want four. I have called friends and posted them on FB but no one needs a dog I guess. I will have to take them to the pound (sad face). I was considering keeping one of them until they followed me out to water the chickens this morning. All the pups went crazy for the chickens, barking and jumping up on the wire walls of the 'run'.  I realized that if I had a dog I could never let the chickens run free. I knew that. I have had dogs before (many times). I suppose I could crate the dog while the chickens were out and they could take turns. I don't know.
          Next week I will find a mama cat or a pair of kittens that need a home. Cats are no threat to a full grown chicken and are good company.

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