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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fowl and Furry Play

When you have a ratio of seven roosters to seven hens in the coop, sooner of later something has to give.  The boys were all grown up and tearing into each other at the slightest provocation as well as terrorizing the hens in a sort of lewd round robin so I took some actions.  All the roosters except the Barred Rock and the speckled Bantam have found new homes or have been....cooled off let's say.  The ducks were taken to the lake we used to own and set free.  I tossed them into the air and they flew a circle round the lake, landed with a splash and began what I call 'ducking and diving' under the water.  They then swam over to where I stood watching and waddled out of the water and towards me. No guys, this is your new home and my advice to you is to stay out on the water.
      The Goodwins, who built the chicken coop for me, are now officially out of the chicken business and brought their remaining five hens out to join my flock.  I can not honestly say they are being accepted with open arms or any other way yet. The Rock rooster tries valiantly to keep the two groups of females separated and the Bantam rooster takes advantage of the distraction and tries to get some action going with the hens in which ever group will have him. It is a well known fact that if you can't be bigger and stronger you have to be smarter and quicker in order to get the ladies. They will get the pecking order worked out eventually and in the mean time the new hens are laying eggs for me and I am hoping that very soon my own will begin laying as well.
     Here are pics of our new kittens, which B and M loved watching while they were here for a visit.  I do like the company of this sleek black mama cat. She talks to me and I to her and they are all tame enough to be petted and loved.
And this is Brendan in his Adventure Hat, trying to get acquainted with his new furry friend. This particular kitten sort of picked B as his buddy and came out to play every time B came to check on the cats.

This is Miss Maggie working up her courage to touch the kitten. Maggie didn't really care for the kittens touching her but would, once or twice anyway, reach a tentative hand to give them a pat on the head. I call that progress and a good thing. Both kids enjoyed chasing the chickens around the yard and helped me fill the water pans. The next time they come out they will get to gather the eggs, one of B's favorite things to do when  he was smaller and we had laying hens.

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