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Monday, August 15, 2011

Hood River

Sorry I've been out of the loop for so long but I flew up to Portland, Oregon for Liz and Scott's wedding. Liz is one of my sister's four daughters. Many of our family made the journey to Hood River to see her married to her strong, handsome sweetheart, Scott Brown. In our family we are big on attending two life events: weddings and graduations......we are also very big on smiling and waving but that is another topic altogether.

                                 Congratulations Scott and Liz!

All the musicians were family members and I thought they deserved a picture on the blog. They are, L to R, Jessica Shurtz and Preston and Erica Isom. Jessica and Erica are sisters of the bride and Preston is Erica's son. The music was gorgeous and yes, the boy playing the cello is only ten years old and totally ROCKED  his part; held the group together with strength, focus and calm. Yea Preston!!!

                                     Jessie, Preston and Erica
 While we were there we also stopped in at the Chinese Gardens in Portland. (I was thrown out of said garden by the way, because my phone went off in the Hall of Scholars. Oh well.)  I want someone to come build one of these in my backyard. I think I'll mow down everything that's there now and start digging a pond!

Here is a picture of some of our group enjoying a taste of the famous Mike's Ice Cream (which is not as good as Baskin Robbins, by the way, but very refreshing.) We made a stop by Mike's after a morning of shopping and spending some time at the beach of the Columbia River watching the kite boarders and wind surfers.  Apparently Hood River is THE place to be if you are kite boarding. Who knew??

                    Jim, Jessie, Kira, Kristen, Nick, Ann, Michelle and Laurie

I'm not completely sure but I think that's me starting out on that board with the yellow butterfly wing design. Yeah, there in the front of the picture. Loved it!!!!
(Actually, I only went wading and mangled my poor delicate little petite feet on the rocks......and I may or may not have peed my pants a tiny bit when I stumbled to the ground moaning about my broken feet. No comment. Yes, I did have on my magic fast drying pants. Thanks for remembering.)
       Different groups of us went on some scenic side trips including trips to Mount St. Helens, or what is left of it, a trip to see a large waterfall and the cave that is behind it (awesome!), a visit to local wineries, a visit to the test Rose gardens in Portland, and a trip to see several of the local waterfalls. As you can see, I went on the latter trip and loved it! Best waterfalls I have seen this side of Niagra Falls. This is my niece Michelle and I at the bottom of Horsetail Falls. We had a great time. I may be moving. (I keep saying that. Hmmmm...)

                                            Deb and Michelle

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