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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ten on Tuesday (late again)

I  admit it: I never really know what day it is now that I am not getting up and going to school every day.
When I begin to notice that everyone is posting their 10 on Tuesdays it is usually Wednesday and I think maybe I'll try to come up with ten things that have been on my mind. As the old song says: Honey, that's the way I am.

1. Not to put too fine a point on this but: IT IS HOTTER THAN BLUE BLAZES HERE AND I AM SICK OF IT!
(whew! I feel so much better now. Hold on, I'm going to pour myself a cool drink...be right back.
2. clink, clink...splaaaashshshshshh....glug, glug glug,.....ahhhhh   so much better now. Thanks for waiting. :)

3. I have been de-cluttering some more this week. I took the old Kirby that my mother rescued from some curb or other, had repaired and passed around the family to whomever needed a vacuum, to the vacuum cleaner place and asked them if they knew of something I could do with it. (question: How DO you get rid of a vacuum clearner? Recycle?) He said they know of an boy who has autism and whose thing is vacuum cleaners; he likes to take them apart, play with the parts, clean them up, make other stuff out of them and more. Hooray! We both won .....or rather we all three won I guess.

4. Went to hear  Louis Zamperini speak at a local church the other night. He is the man about whom the book Unbroken was written. He is ninety four and spoke clearly, honestly and with wit and humor for thirty minutes or so about his experiences in WWII as a POW as well as his experiences after the war. Wow. If you have not read the book, I highly recommend it.

5.  I am almost finished with physical therapy on my feet and they feel much stronger. I know the exercises now and am going to continue with them so as not to regress again. No Going Barefoot! These tile floors are killers on my feet; I really think I should have them taken up and put down cork flooring in the kitchen and dining room. Wouldn't that be wonderful!

6.  Audra and Zach are on their way to OK from the great state of Missouri, even as we speak.  Zaney-boy is with them and is not taking to sitting for hours in the car seat. I believe there as been some vomiting involved as well as screaming at the top of his lungs. They are still driving, none the less.

7.  Audra told me she may be leaving Zane here with Grandma after this trip because she doesn't think she can face the return trip. You know what they say:
what doesn't kill you will probably just drive you insane.

8.  Sewing group starts again next week and I'm happy about that. What a nice group of gals! I am so happy they let me join in the fun.

9.  The new cat and her seven kittens are well and frisky they come to me when I go outside. :))

10.  The chickens were all giving me the death look today because I wouldn't let them go outside of the coop to run. I didn't want fresh poop all over the patio when the baby came.
Now the hens hate me.
They'll get over it. (see the italics in # 7)

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