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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I am now the proud owner of the gift that keeps on giving.
    A friend gifted me with a mother cat and her seven kittens, all black and white. Hooray!
    Let the games begin!
2.  I climbed aboard my new Toro ZTR mower and mowed Maggie's Wood (what's left of it)
    and the yard in no time flat. I love this machine!  We have lost many trees in the wood but still have
    some. I am thinking of  buying several large trees from TLC this Fall and having them come and plant
    them for me.  These little ten inch trees are not getting it.

3.  I am going to PT for my poor abused, pulled and hurting feet and it feels good and I think it is helping.
     Running barefoot through the Toronto airport set us back a ways but I refilled my anti-inflammatory
     drugs so things are going better. Walking on those sandy beaches feels great on my feet by the way.
     Too bad there are no beaches close by.

4.  Did I tell you I bought a Panasonic, Lumix water proof and shock resistant digital camera recently?
    Yeah, it was just after farm camp when I went swimming with my camera tucked nicely into my bra.
    The new camera works great!! I highly recommend it.

5.  My sister and her daughter are visiting for a few days from the great state of Pennsylvania.  I hope they managed to bring the daily rain storms with them this time around. I does look a little cloudy right now.
   There may be hope for a little squall this evening.

6. I love the color blue. I love blue walls, blue clothes, blue jewelry, blue cars. You name it and I love it
    if it's blue.  Thought you ought to know that, if you didn't already.

7.  In the days before the wedding the immediate family, those involved in the ceremony itself, worked and ran around, made sure the details were correct, fixed mistakes and everything else you do in the last minutes of a grand plan. The rest of us mostly did a lot of this:

    Stood and looked long and breathed in beauty, amazed that people lived in this gorgeous place every day and weren't bowled over by the wonder of it.

8.  On our final evening in Hood River we were able to get the last four or five seats in the community theater's performance of To Kill A Mockingbird. It was wonderful and I so wished that Audra had been there because that is her favorite story of all time.  Fun, Fun, Fun! And the proceeds were going to help reopen the library that had been closed for a year because of lack of funds. Mom would have been so proud.

9. Speaking of Audra, here is a picture of her during her life guarding days. I happened upon this classic shot while looking through old pics the other day. Those were the days: sunscreen, the fox forty, ultimate power, blazing heat and a tan to end all tans.

10. Sunday was Danny's birthday and a tough day for all of us.  Here is a picture of the fam on another of Danny's birthdays years and years ago. Look at that lean and lanky teen age boy!  Thanks for all the prayers and kind thoughts you sent our way, those of you who knew what day it was. Much appreciated, I assure you.

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Randy and Brenda Cohorn said...

Jonathan just tweeted this afternoon that he misses Max. So do I. But for a cat to live 19 years - I think we got our fair share of lovin' from him!!
Blue is my favorite color!

I've been thinking of you and shooting arrow prayers into the heaven's for you this past week. Love you.