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Monday, September 19, 2011

My New Best Friend

Allow me to introduce you to my new best friend, the magnetic roller.

This is what it picked up from the ground in front of the shop where Danny and David did all their repairs and work on the tractors.  One pass, over and back.  If only I had discovered this dandy little tool sooner just think of the money we could have saved on tire repairs! When you have a full load of metal picked up you simply lift the metal plate away from the magnet and all the pieces fall free into your bucket. Presto!
      Before I went over to the shop (aka: the mother-lode of metal treasure) I did a sweep of my own carport and driveway.  Nails galore and pieces of baling wire and little shards of metal that love to weasel their way into your tire and create those maddening slow leaks. I got a good double handful out of  my own space and the surrounding driveway but the real eye-popper was the shop. Here is what I gleaned from over there after about thirty minutes of walking back and forth with this fun little tool.

Granted, some of these larger washers, bolts and baling wire were very visible but all the rest of that stuff was invisible, hidden just under the dust and small gravel, but I could hear it clink-clink-clinkity clinking up onto the magnet as I walked around. The next time Brendan comes out to the farm I am definitely renting this thing again. I think he would love it!  The bucket weighed about twenty pounds when I finally stopped but I know I could walk back over there right now and still find more. Wow.

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Anonymous said...

Just think of all the cool windchimes we could make with this stuff! Save it for farm camp next year and I'll be down to help create! from One Who Walks the Mountain Path