Thursday, September 8, 2011

Poem: Once Around the Sun

Once around the sun we've come
since you slipped away from me.
Here I stand again in the cooler light of Autumn,
 looking for a jacket,
breathing in the happy fragrance of sunflowers,
walking through dewy grass in the mornings.

You are and will remain imprinted upon my heart,
woven into the fabric of my soul,
and now I find that I can think of you without
the growing pressure of  tears behind my eyes.
I find that I can think of you and smile,
missing you still but happy to be living in this day.

I suppose I have decided to live now;
for months I simply did  not care,
but now I do. 
There are people to be loved and cared for,
people to hold and help and laugh with.
The Spirit and you have been here beside me
as we flew around our shining star
and I find that my mind is beginning to clear
and my heart to sing again.

I love you forever.


Nutmegger said...

you've been on my heart this last week! Loving and praying for you in Ct!

manda_hladik said...

Beautifully written. Thinking about you all!

Randy and Brenda Cohorn said...

A wonderful tribute to your heart. And in the wonderful memories of your dear man. Love you.