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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Remnant

All the hens were present or accounted for at roll call this morning! Up early and chatting among themselves.
Red is still in the Intensive Care Nest but fighting the good fight; we have high hopes. I turned the other three hens out to let them run free, catch a few bugs and beetles and breathe some clean air while I set about cleaning up the mess inside the coop.
      Lordy, Lordy! I scooped all the hay, poop, feathers, bloody heads and beaks into the wheel barrow and removed them from the premises. I  then moved on to the double wash, double rinse cycle and left everything open to the sunlight for several hours. I brought in new, sweet smelling hay for the floor and ran a visual check  around the outside to see if there had been any attempts at entry. Everything looked secure.
      I took Red some water in a measuring cup, for which she was most grateful. The swelling in her eyes is going down and one of them is opening up just a tiny bit.  She won't eat but did manage to whimper at me once or twice during the clean-up. Poor thing.
     The three that have survived all three attacks are now extremely nervous, as you can imagine. They bolt into the air at the slightest rustle in the grass and, when the sun was setting and they headed for the chicken house for the night, they ran in and out of the coop several times before they would stay inside. I left the light on for them. When I left they were stomping around in the hay, eyeing the heavy electric wire that runs across the ceiling. I think they had hopes of roosting up there tonight. It isn't going to happen since there is only about an inch and a half between the wire and the roof. Sorry ladies.
    Here is the most beautiful shot of the day:

In spite of all these ladies have been through and the panic that fills their little hearts every night as we roll out of the suns light, one of them had the chutzpah to lay this perfect little pink egg. Yes, it is actually pink, the color of hope. That is what I call optimism and a positive attitude. 

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