"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Wlist (silent W)

1.  After hammering on the chicken house most of the evening yesterday (until I couldn't lift the hammer anymore..no joke), I hit it again this morning, trying to finish hanging that *7%# door.  It is hung, opens and closes, has the family latch attached.
2. I have bruises all over my arms, cuts on my fingers, a slight concussion from the door falling on my head, my wrist guard back on my right wrist and I can't breathe because I forgot to wear my dust mask while I was belt sanding the threshold after hanging the door just a mite too low. The chickens are safe.

3.  My dad came over this afternoon for a visit and some cherry pie and green tea. I love it when he comes over and wanders around the gardens, noticing all kinds of things and catching up on the doings around here. He gets tired of being alone at his house all the time, as you would imagine. He is home now, watching the Cardinals play.

4.  My grandson B called me on the phone the other evening and we chatted it up about lots of interesting things. This is the first time that he has called me himself and I loved it! Maggie sometimes wants to call and visit but once I pick up she only whispers so it is hard to carry on a conversation.  I am absolutely certain that Mags will be a master of the phone calls very soon.

5.  The kittens are doing well....even the one I pitched off the porch this morning (sorry Diane) because he was using my newly planted Pansy Pots as a bathroom. He has the entire farm to use as a litter box; he will not be using my plants......(or, if he chooses poorly, he will continue to take flying lessons).

6.  I can't breathe. Oh Nettie Pot where are you?

7. I have discovered several new flowers and grasses in the native pasture of Maggie's Wood. Hooray! How in the world did they survive all the heat? I am gathering seed from the roadsides, bring it home in a paper cup and planting it in the Wood with the world famous scratch-drop-and stomp method we are all familiar with.

8.  It is time for the mass plantings of Daffodils. Have you picked yours up yet?

9.  Please pray for Jessica Lehman's grandma who was hit by a truck while walking out of Sam's. She is having brain bleeds. She is 92 years young. Thanks.

10.  Able-my-Able ran home to spend the evening with my Dad and I this evening! What a wonderful mid-week surprise and pleasure.  He got his laundry washed, I got to enjoy his company and watch The Nerdist with him as well as How It Is Made (Mexican sombreros, cap guns, salad dressings and marinades and regenerated body parts made from stem cells) AWESOME!

11.  I learn so much by going to His Quilters (?) and helping sew quilts for single mothers and their children. Those women are such amazing quilters and so much fun to be around. Thanks for letting me tag along guys! You are a bright spot in my week.

13.  My yard has been full of flutterings this week as the Monarchs and other butterflies have been flying through on their way to somewhere for the winter.  This morning I saw one I had never seen before: it was tan with two circular spots on each wing, like eyes.  It looked pretty ragged so I invited it to stay here with me. I have never seen a tan butterfly before. I named her Sammy.


Jan B said...

I love reading about your life on "the ranch". :) You are what my girlfriend and I would call "a hell of a woman"! Amazing. By the way, could the tan butterfly have been a circopia (sp?) moth? They're VERY large and have two "eyes" on their wings - very distinctive... We've found several (dead) over the years on our front porch. (I think they fly to our motion light which can be triggered by any number of moving things in the night here in the secluded woods that we live in...)

Abbey said...

That does not sound good at all. Maybe give yourself some sort of vacation day to just snuggle in bed with a good book? Rest is a good thing, keep remembering.