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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Farm Camp

Fall Farm Camp (a.k.a. two day sleep over at Grandma's house) has been happening which accounts for the lack of new posts. :)  The first day only Brendan and Maggie and I were here so we went for an 'exploration adventure'.  However, first we had to do our chores.

                               Cleaning out the chicken house.

B helping Maggie fill the chicken feeders. It was
her first time to feed the chickens and she was oh,
so careful and proud of herself when she was finished.
Love it! This is really one of the main reasons I keep
chickens; the fun and unique learning opportunities available to the grand kids.

Maggie watering the newly transplanted herbs
which we brought home from the lake cabin.

After chores were done we wandered out to see if we could beg a ride on the tractor, as our rentor was working in the field just to the west of our house.

We never could catch his eye so Brendan decided we should check on the oil tanks, to see if we had any oil in them.

Here we are climbing the ladder, after spending quite a bit of time watching lack of activity in the humongous red ant den that sits inside the gate. As you can probably tell, it was quite chilly that morning. Wonderful Fall weather if I ever saw it. Here is the picture Brendan took of Maggie looking inside the oil tank for the first time. Pretty awesome photography I think, for a four year old.

Here is Brendan checking on the oil level. There was 'some oil but not much'...his words. It was not his first oil check by a long shot.

The tractor was still too far away to flag down, so we followed the kittens down into the woods. Luckily we found a deer trail to follow because otherwise we would have had to walk through grass as tall as Maggie. Brendan has become quite the climber/explorer since he has been having adventures for years now. B went straight over the edge and climbed down to the creek along a leaning tree, hanging onto the roots. He's four. I don't know about you, but I was greatly impressed.

       We heard the tractor coming closer and went running back through the woods and up onto the oil well road, trying to intercept it. Luckily Jim saw us that time and Brendan climbed into the cab for a long ride around the field. B told me later that he thought Jim was never going to take him back to us. This is Miss M watching from beside the hay bales. I think she might have been thinking the same thing.

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Jan B said...

This is great! Nothing like adventures at Grandma's! And I LOVE those buffalo-check hoodies! Blessings...