"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jiggity Jog

I am home again after a wonderful trip to St. Louis to visit Audra, Zach and Zaney-boy. The weather was beautiful and gave us the opportunity to play outside a lot, go on long walks under the gently falling leaves and visit across the fence with neighbors.
     I have somehow managed to bond with Audra's fence neighbors, Eddie and Samra and their children. They are from Bosnia originally and have settled in St. Louis now. We have a nice long chat every time I am in town.  Danny and I met them just after Zane was born and they were so comforting and supportive when they learned about Zane's heart condition and then about Danny's dying so suddenly.  This time Eddie and Zane talked through the fence, Zane sticking his tiny fingers through the links to touch Eddie's hand; so sweet and loving! Eddie took him into his screened-in trampoline and let him run around a little bit and then did a few bounces with Zane in his arms. I think they both loved it; I know I loved seeing them both enjoying themselves so much! What are the chances that those two would ever meet and laugh together? Good people everywhere and a blessing to know them.
     Zane and I also met several other wonderful people through our interest in their dogs. I have discovered that people love their pets and they usually love little kids too and are willing to introduce the one to the other.
There are a huge number of very large dogs in the area where Audra lives for some reason. We watched them from the street but were able to get closer to a few of the smaller ones. NOISY! We set one dog barking and the whole  barking chain kicked in! Oh well.
    Zane has leaned how to wave (the circular hand motion wave of England's royal family) and people love returning the greeting. We are all looking for happiness it turns out and it doesn't take much of a catalyst to set it in motion.  This morning at the airport I noticed that people were being particularly kind and polite to each other for some reason. What a welcome surprise! It could have been because traffic was ridiculously tied up for some reason and, therefore, lots of people were late and missing their planes. The TSA people will not be rushed but the group in St. Louis were at least pleasant today. Since we were all in the same boat (read: long snaking line waiting for security) it gave us plenty of time to get acquainted and share stories.
   Enough of my rambling for now. It's good to be back home; the crickets are singing on the porch and all the chickens are safe (I knew you were wondering). Take care. Tell the people you love that you love them. There's not time like the present. As my friend Brenda always says: Be kinder than necessary; everyone is fighting some kind of battle.

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