"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Ha ha! I decided to jump the gun and write this on Monday in an effort to make up for all the TOTs I have written on Wednesdays.

1.  I popped into the grocery store in Okeene this evening and when I came out, ten minutes later, the cold front had slipped into town in its stocking feet and I had the shivers. Whooie! What a grand feeling!

2.  My sister and I went into simultaneous hysterics this evening over supper. We're lucky we didn't choke and die right there in the home fries. We may have both lost what little was left of our once brilliant minds. Oh well. It happens.....Maybe I'll just be a teapot.

3.  My three full sized chickens are on strike from laying eggs. Same old song: leave all the work to the little guys I guess.

4. Had the opportunity to stop in and see Abb and the kiddos this afternoon for a bit. Maggie's language is leaping ahead lately it seems to me and Brendan is deep into Star Wars and Legos...and Lego Star Wars (was that a brilliant idea or what?).  My hug sack runneth over :)

5.  When you ask friends to help you move you should see if there are a couple, preferably two who are clean freaks, who would be willing to begin cleaning as each room is cleared so you don't have to leave the place an absolute pit. I understand what happens: the packing and sorting decisions have taken so long and so many things have happened, that you did not foresee happening, that you are finally completely out of time, patience, energy and everything else that you would have needed to clean the place properly that you finally throw up your hands and walk out. Besides which, you probably sent the vacuum ahead in some car and now have nothing with which to clean anyway because you packed it with the kitchen stuff which is halfway to wherever it is you are moving to by now. I've been there, trust me, I've been there.
     There is a better way. Some people to pack, some to clean, some to carry, some to make Sonic and pizza runs, and some to bring the music and the jokes. (I am stepping down now. Would someone please come and take this soap box away and put it into one of the pickups?)

6. Who ever heard of Sand Fleas? Not me.

7.  No stars and no moon tonight. Wow. It's a little bit spooky out there and even the coyotes are silent. They are thinning their packs now. I have seen some teen-aged pups wandering hungrily along the highway lately. (Coyotes have been so thick this year that they've eaten up anything that moved and now there are slim pickins. I heard them take down a fawn a few nights ago. Oh my.)

8.   What's the word on the Polar Bears? Do we or do we not care about the survival of this animal?

9.  Oh Crud!  Be right back.
 ...........When I gathered the eggs tonight...oops, EGG (singular...the lazy bums) I put the one little bantam egg in my pants pocket and forgot it was there until just now when I bent over to pick up a pen off the floor. The egg smashed and now I have a pocket full of raw egg. YUCK!

10.  Happy Birthday to me, Preston, Able, Dad, Lisa H, Jennifer D., Jimmie Williams, Betty Dotter, Annette Descher, Rogelio Aletorre, Bernard Hladik,Jessie Hopper (those last three are all Halloween babies) , Sandra, Virgil and Eva White, Melanie Outhier, Darlene Braley, Jane, George W. Blakley, all the people I may have forgotten who have birthdays in this glorious month of October, and  my special birthday buddies, Al Vculek, Flo Houska and Rachael Skoda. "Celebrate! *Celebrate! *Dance to the music!!!"
I nominate October as the best month of the year. If you know someone I forgot to put on the list, please tell me their name in a comment. Thanks.


Abbey said...

Tracie's birthday is Saturday too! (And technically Jessie was born on the 30th, but who is counting?)

Jessica Lena Lehman said...

i love the cold front!