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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

There is lots going on. Here is the list to fill you in on the details.
1.  I heard from my sister, Ann, that her daughter and kids have been living with her in PA since
   Connecticut can't seem to get the power back on. What fun!!

2.  Saturday night we had a 5.6 earthquake here. I thought an elephant was trying to knock down the house and had to steady the hutch as I ran for the door. What in the world???? AN EARTHQUAKE?

3.  I was so glad to get to watch Brendan play his final game of soccer for the season on Saturday. What could be more fun that a bunch of people sitting around with toddlers on their laps watching the older brothers and sisters running around trying to kick a ball into the goal. Hooray for good clean fun, lots of clapping for everyone and hot chocolate in paper cups. Hooray for the Dragonflies!

4.  I was right: the Ash trees are completely bare now but everything else is hanging in there (except the tomatoes of course). The Cottonwoods, Elms, Silver Maple and the old grandfather Mulberry still have green leaves. Weird.

5.  The kittens are loving the back room at night and are using their litter box. They need some shots.

6.  Today I cleaned out the car port (oh, my aching back!) in preparation for moving it south and putting up the new enclosed building.

7.   I have gathered the bricks together from the various piles lying around here and there and am now ready to lay the next six feet of the garden path.

8.  Went to see the movie Moneyball on Saturday. Loved it. Have I told you how much I like to go to the movies at the theater? I do and I don't mind going alone.  Doesn't matter. I.LIKE.MOVIES.
 I did not get popcorn at the movie for the first time in forever and guess what.....it was still wonderful.

9.  I bought a new bicycle and am loving riding it in the mornings and evenings. Today I road six miles and one of those was as fast as I could peddl , and up hill, because two big dogs were chasing me and snapping at my calves. No Able, I did not have my phone on me....nor was I wearing a helmet, if you were wondering.

10.  Dang! Those stupid chickens are on the porch again and probably pooping all over it. Oh,that reminds me.....see 11.

11.  Sally (the little white bantam with the black rimmed tail feathers) has decided it is time for her to sit on the nest...."To Sit" as they say. I have thrown her off twice already and she is not a happy camper about it. Here's the thing Sally: WE DO NOT HAVE A ROOSTER so you are wasting your time. They won't hatch. They will never hatch. She doesn't care. That is actually one of the reasons I like Bantams so much, they will hatch you out some baby chicks in the Spring if you let them. The other breeds don't seem quite so into the whole sitting there for three weeks doing nothing thing.  Okay, I'm done now.

Have a good week. TTFN

P.S. You only have to get close to ten for the Ten on Tuesdays. The title is more like a guideline than a rule.

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