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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

To The Mountaintop and back to the Farm

     Sorry for the prolonged absence. I have been taking care of family pleasure, visiting people, eating good food with good friends, working at the shop and driving all over Giles County with my favorite sister. Tonight I've got the belly ache but can sit up enough to blog, which proves the point that I am addicted to the internet and not anywhere near death's door.

      One of my favorite parts of the trip to the mountains was a nature adventure which Maggie, Zane and I went on one morning early.  Here they are, making friends with someone's donkey. Maggie filled up the wagon with pine cones while Zane tried to get the poor thing moving. No luck.  We moved on to watching the hummingbirds and finding as many different flowers as we could.  These two are great little explorers, as is Brendan, but he did not want to come on that particular day. We missed him.
      I spent the Fourth with my favorite Veteran, my Dad, and two of my brothers. Quiet but very, very nice.  We did wander out into the middle of the intersection after dark to watch multiple sets of big fireworks, accentuated with fire truck sirens every little whip stitch.  Great fun. Next year I'm bringing a blanket so we can all lie down on the grass and skip the stiff necks.
     Able and Kari went to STL to spend the Fourth with Audra, Zach and their boys.
They went up in the Arch and saw a big parade AND had ice cream and levy high apple pie. Perfect memory makers, if you ask me. I was minding the shop and couldn't make that particular jaunt.

My renter managed to cut the wheat on the home place while I was gone, so I missed that. Drat. Now people are doing a lot of burning of the fields and I have seen at least two  "soot devils", dust devils occurring in a recently burned wheat field. I can never manage to get a picture of them but they are quite impressive. This is what would be called "a nice clean burn" in farmer lingo.

Ugh. I need to go lie down for awhile again. I'll check back in later.

Jingleboy sends his Fourth of July greetings to one and all. Yes, he did go to the mountains and loved every minute of it. Many of the people there had taken him on adventures at one time or another so everyone was delighted to see his smiling face again. I am thinking of sending him up to the Isoms for a few days so he can see their new place and learn to play a string instrument.  He really prefers the bells and/or the tambourine but a person (?) should branch out, don't you think? TTFN

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