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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Repost: Dust

A line of semis have been hauling concrete down our road for the past few days, stirring up an inordinate amount of dust. (cough-cough) I am reposting a poem I wrote last summer, to go along with this photo that I took this morning of a poor gourd vine on the roadside.

Dust in the air,
dust in my hair,
dust on my rusty 
blue patio chair.

Dust on the rail,
dust on the mail,
dust on the grasshoppers
dust in the pail.

Can't hang the clothes
or sit and have tea
or the dust will come
sifting and settle on me.

From morning till night
trucks go rumbling by
stirring up dust which
then hangs in the sky.

The whole lovely garden
is covered and filmed 
with a layer of dust 
on each flower and stem.

I wash and I polish to
bring back the shine,
then here come the
trucks again all in a line.

What we need is a rain,
a good soaking rain,
a foot splashing, 
smile bringing,
dust washing rain.

The day after that we will
need yet another and
so on and on till we wake 
from this smothering


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