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Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Day In The Life sans pictures

Just for fun I will do a quick 'day in the life' review of today, as it was an interesting one.
7:50 Woke up from the nightmare of waking up to people being in my house shooting up drugs in the bathroom. You can't stay asleep if there are druggies in your house so I was up, dressed and out the back door by 8:20. What a gorgeous morning! I should have been up since six, enjoying the coolness of the early hours.
    Wandered the gardens, let the chickens and the cats out and came in for some yogurt, granola and a pear, which I ate on the porch...with the cats trying valiantly to get some for themselves. No dice.

At 9:15ish I decided to pick the multitudes of cherry tomatoes so they wouldn't all fall to the ground unappreciated. When I had them all picked and inside, I weighed them and I had ten pounds, enough to make something yummy for the winter months when there will not be a ripe garden grown tomato to be found anywhere.

10:00  Looked around the internet for a good Tomato Jam recipe because I know Able likes it on his BELT sandwiches and I have never made it before. Actually, I had never even heard of it before last winter when Matt, one of the chefs at Will's Lobby Bar made a BELT for Able, using tomato Jam instead of the tomato. BELTS are Bacon, Egg, Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches (with grilled sourdough bread and Tomato Jam because Able doesn't like real tomatoes for some unknown reason).

      The recipe I found and liked called for Cinnamon, Ginger, Crushed Red Pepper Flakes and Cumin, along with the tomatoes and, lemon juice and some sugar and salt.  Yummy sounding. Since I don't own a blender anymore, I used my small chopper to chop all the tomatoes and managed to burn it up in the process. Super.

In the middle somewhere I remembered that I had promised to take a lemon cake to supper at a friend's house, so I started the traditional lemon pound/bundt cake and popped it in the oven....and then forgot about it. It eventually got way over done before I remembered to take it out. No, I do not own a timer....well, I guess there is on on my microwave but I forgot to set it. Sigh.

12:30 realized that my stomach was growling at me, so I had a ham and cheese sandwich with dill pickles and another pear, along with almond milk for lunch. (I only bought three pears and I need to eat them up before I have to go back to the City. They are delicious pears and I am feeling like it might be close to pear pie time.)

The tomatoes and spices began cooking at about 1:00 and not too long after that I realized that I did not have any sure-jell in the house, which meant that I would have to let it cook all the way down and/or throw in some apple peels for the pectin.  Another case of blatant lack of planning on my part.

While the tomatoes cooked and the cake burned, I exchanged all the multicolored binders that hold my songs from my classroom, for new classic black ones and made new labels for them. Now they are in the music room on my new black bookshelf and look very snazzy. While this was going on I was listening to my new Peter Mayer CD and learning one of the songs. I love all of his songs and can't wait for the second CD to arrive. I know, I could just download it, but I wanted the hard copy. Call me old fashioned.

Four o'clock and the tomatoes are still cooking. I have found a bunch of little jars, flats and rings and have them all sterilized and the water bath water heating up on the back burner.  Come on, come one.  I went to take a bath and get ready for the dinner, came back, stirred some more, did some toe tapping, played through a bunch of easy Minuets by Bach and others, trying to find something my piano student might like.  I like them at least. Played till my right hand started aching again. I call piano practice "physical therapy" these days.

5:00  Finally jarred the sauce and popped it into the water bath.  Looked everywhere for my shoes. Turned off the fire at 5:15 and left them in the water until I returned.

5:20  Drove to Hennessey, bought some pieces of cake at EAt It Up on Main and traveled on to the dinner. I spent a grand evening with Randa, Jerry and Cass, catching up on the happenings of the summer and getting some good advice about the shop from Randa. Must talk to Able about what she said.

9:00 Came home in the dark, listening to Classical Music on the XM radio (I love it). Got pulled over for apparently speeding (ridiculous) but he was nice enough to give me a warning and tell me to slow down. Okay. On down the dirt road I rolled and am now at home and getting ready to head to bed, after having practiced the guitar song a bit more, starting on learning another one and playing some more Mozart and Bach. It is five short minutes till midnight. What in the world am I doing up at this hour?

Night night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. (Oh yeah, I took the burned cake out for the opossums and the field mice. Party time in Maggie's Wood tonight in the moonlight.

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Emy Moody said...

Funny you mentioned tomato jam. I was watching a cooking competition last night and they made it, except it was for a dessert. Sounds yummy!