Monday, September 23, 2013


                              Yours truly and my friend Cass, at Vallecitos Ranch

I discovered that the 'people' who live, invisibly, in my settings locale had once again cleared out some of the people from my automatic email set-up.  Consequently, several folks tell me they have missed a bunch of blogs. For a few days the blog will be in this format so they can see what has been coming past and can readily click on any they may have missed, if they are of a mind to know what happened last week or last month.  I will probably flip this back in a few days but it is kind of fun like this too.
    This was a nice picture that didn't get included in the retreat blog. Cass and I were partners on the Mirror Walk, which is a lot more difficult when you do it while climbing over rocks, through creek beds and up mountains than it is when you do it in a school gym. (Oh, that's what it was supposed to be about. Not about running your friend into the wall on purpose but letting yourself trust someone with your safety and growing in relationship. Got it.)

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