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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Getting Ready for Visitors

     Today was one of the days when I could be here all day, so I started early on the big job: clearing and cleaning out closets and bed rooms for Audra and the boys.  Rowan is crawling now so everything had to be moved, cleaned and vacuumed under; a bookcase had to be emptied, cleaned, moved to my room and refilled. All the quilting storage had to be moved up a shelf, which meant that everything on the top shelf had to find another home. Turns out it was stuff that needed to go away permanently, except for my great grandmother's crocheted bedspread which I can't figure out what to do with. Ideas? It is beautiful and heavy and needs to be cleaned. How does one clean a gigantic crocheted bedspread? A few puzzles landed in the trash as well. Who has time for thousand piece puzzles anyway? I guess I might get snowed in someday, but probably not.
       My own closet also had to be rearranged, simplified, redistributed and culled as well, so there would be room for things that had been in the others.  Hope Outreach is getting a bunch of clothes, shoes, jackets, sheets, lamp shades, curtains, bedskirts and  a few books.  The dumpster fell heir to all manner of papers, old ratty ornaments, ugly wrapping paper,  stained shirts and capris, old binders, shoe boxes, a broken printer, several broken or ugly picture frames that never made the cut, some stuffed animals that no one ever loved, stretched out stocking caps, more unused ornaments, one of my two nativity barns, some bad strings of Christmas lights, the stuck open ironing board, a bunch of college textbooks that belonged to one of the kids, some old magazines that apparently were important at one time, socks and socks and socks that had holes or tears or stains or were stretched out, two old bathing suits and a ripped up pair of long johns and two jackets that were stained. Not doing chores in the mud anymore. I have saved a sack full of binders and a printer for a friend who needs them.
      I set out new spider traps to see what I could catch before the Korenaks come to stay for awhile and then I need to have the carpet cleaners in for a once over in all the rooms. Next time into the ring I have to attempt to child proof the place a little more. I really need Able to come up with the Ranchero and haul a few things to the lake for me but that will have to wait a bit because he is super busy at the store this week. We have time.
     At 3:30 I felt myself beginning to fade and realized I hadn't had anything to eat or drink since....well, let's see.... since supper the night before. I forget about things like that when I am working. Probably not the best plan of action.  I did remember to take my medicine like a good girl. Yea, me!
     The afternoon was lovely and cool and I did a few things around the gardens once the house was semi back in order, but not many.  I had book study this evening and didn't want to get filthy dirty. Besides, the oil field pickups were racing up and down the dirt roads today and, with the 35 mph winds, the air was thick with dust and I certainly didn't need to out in that, all afternoon.  It's fifteen minutes until tomorrow so I'd better wrap this up. Goodnight stars, goodnight moon. Goodnight man with the yellow balloon.

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