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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ten On Tuesday: September 2, 2013

1.  I am just now getting used to it being 2013 and it occurs to me that soon it will be 2014, which is even crazier. Twenty thirteen? Twenty 13...twenty 14. I can't seem to wrap my mind around the numbers of the new century for some reason. Okay, I'm going to stop now. I suppose my great grandmothers did this mental 'I can't believe these new numbers' dance too, when the last century turned the corner. But even then, it was only the next teen number....you know, 1789, 1846, 1903 but now we are into the 20s.  The biggest question on the table is, obviously, what happened? And by that I mean this: where are the hover crafts we were supposed to be using by now instead of cars? I mean really. I am so disappointed. That, and the fact that we still can't 'beam people up' to another location.  iPhones are a clever inventions though, I have to admit.

This picture is in here just for laughs.
Love the family group shot.

2.  I spent a few days with the STL Korenaks (well, actually, there are lots of St. Louis Korenaks, now that I think about it, so let's just say Audie and Zach).
    I had a grand time, as usual. I was able to chat with their neighbor Eddie and the other guy, with the swimming pool, who is always so cheery and welcoming when he sees me in the back yard playing something-or-other with Zane.

    I got to know little Rowan better. He is a darling little guy with a good sense of humor and clear tells about his needs.  He, who prefers not to be cuddled, even let me rock him to sleep a couple of times. Victory! I am waiting for his song to come to me but so far I haven't found it.

3.  Zane and I had adventures, as we always do. It exhausts both of us but we love it.  We played Spiderman/Batman most of the weekend and many bad guys were captured and hauled away by the police. Leaving is difficult for both of us but what are we to do? I live here and he lives there.  As Audra said on her blog, we had marching band practice in the front yard one evening, complete with whistle commands, square corners and halts. For just a second I entertained the notion of throwing in one of the backward spin-around turns we used to do at TU when we marched at games. They look super cool, and are fun to do. However, since one or maybe both of my ears were kind of stopped up for some reason, I thought it best to stick to simple square corners so I wouldn't end up in a heap in the flower beds. That would not be a pretty sight. Those turns were tricky when I was nineteen and could well be disastrous now that I am sixty.

4.  The roads in Missouri were wonderful with even the winding country roads all beautifully paved with asphalt. What a treat! Once I crossed the state line the roads were all under construction AND to add insult to injury, they were toll roads so I had the privilege of not only driving twenty miles an hour for hours at a time but also paying money for that privilege.  What is wrong with that picture?  Those same roads have been under construction for the past ten years but I rarely ever see anyone working on them. What we need in Oklahoma is for big corporations and oil companies to begin paying taxes like everyone else. I have never understood that concept of small businesses and ordinary working people paying taxes while the biggest money makers in the state don't have to.

5.  I am sad to report that Maggie's Wood is a Johnson Grass disaster of the worst kind. I called Karen and we decided to mow the thing and keep mowing it until the J.G. gave up. This evening I began pulling out the drip irrigation system so the tractor could get through without getting tangled up in the tubing.  I will have to hoist a few flags here and there so the mower will be able to tell where the trees are. I know, it's a little, teensy bit scary out there right now. The trees are still alive, somewhere in the forest of Johnson Grass, and so are lots of different kinds of grasses, flowers and legumes, so there is still hope.  I miss Danny on so many different levels. Tractors/brush hogs and I don't get along very well (read: at all).

6.  I went whining to the Neurosurgeon about my hand still hurting and he gave me that withering look that says, "Would you quit whining and give yourself time to heal. Don't bother me with this stuff. I have people's brains to fix."  He didn't exactly say those precise words but that's the feeling I got from his tone of voice. Okay then....time to heal...got it.

7.  Able and Kari were here at the farm to welcome me home from my journeys last night. How nice!  We did a little furniture swapping and everyone came out the winner.

8. Today I spent some time at the paint store 'reimagining' the walls of the rooms in my house.  Where to begin?  All this white is driving me bananas. I didn't make any decisions but came up with some ideas. You have to start somewhere.

9.  What happened in the world why I was away? Have we bombed Syria yet? Is that guy still in Russia? Has anyone discovered the cure for the common cold yet? How is new 'boy who will be king'? Oddly, I find that I do just fine without watching the news or listening to NPR every day. I have just been living and loving it.  My knowing what is happening in politics won't change what happens anyway. I mean, it's their job, right? That's why we hired them in the first place. Well, we didn't exactly 'hire them' but close, very close. Cowboy Up you guys and figure out some solutions to a few things.  That's why we're paying you the big bucks.

Another random shot of one of the characters I met in New Mexico. I have named this guy Clive. He isn't real but we are best friends.

10.  Today, on the road beside the cemetery, I found a dog which someone had dumped out to die.  Poor thing. Brought him home for some TLC and he promptly ran away again.  Fine.
 After I got to town it occurred to me that he would probably kill and eat both the chickens and then I would have to shoot him and it would be a complete wash.
But no, the chickens were fine when I got home and the dog was nowhere to be seen.  He may have unknowingly chased a rabbit into Maggie's Wood and become completely lost in there. Who knows. (Not my pig, not my farm). Speaking of which: is anyone looking for a beautiful Springer Spaniel to come and share your life with you? I happen to know a couple of them (five years old and both neutered) who are looking for loving homes. Just throwing that out there. Leave me a comment if you want more info.

 Yet another of my friends from the Land of Enchantment. Meet Fred who sits outside the chocolate store as a warning of what can happen to you if you step over the threshold and make a purchase.  He makes me feel thin. Love the apron.

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