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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Typing Fun on Wednesday

Do you remember that post a couple of years ago when I had a bandaid on my finger and decided to leave all the random qs in the post anyway, for comic relief? Sure you do.
Anyway, today I have two fingers taped together because I managed to rip the underside of one of my knuckles open while doing my favorite gardening/gym exercise, pulling up Johnson Grass. I'm going to attempt to type like I usually do (instead of this three finger method) and see what it looks like. Just for laughs, as Danny used to say in his best Jack Nickelson impression.

       about the Johnson 'grassL: 'every time I am out there sweating in the sun and pulling the offending bushes of grass out by their wormy looking roots, I can hear my mother whispering in my ear, P" You'll never be a lady, 'bdebra ins you kee[ working like a field hand all day. " 'Spo true, mmom , so true. (It turns out that the pinky finger does just a few things but they can really make all the difference when you're trying to ty[e dialog, or that pesky p, Ha
! got it and then the return thing happened. 'Whjat fun this is.

       And as yopu can plainly see....not really a lady, but a real live human being female all the same who loves to step out into the living world and join in the dance of nature. It is impossible to do that particular dance in 'lady shoes' or without messing up your hair a bit.  I believe it was John Muir who wrote that when he was living in Yosemite, he soon came to realize that when he opened the door to his house and went outside, he was not so much stepping out as stepping in, he had been 'out' all the time he was inside the house.  I like that. 'that is exactly the way I feel about stepping 'in'.]
     It is officially 'almost Halloween time' so the pumpkins are out of the closet....that sounded a little odd....not that closet, the decoration closet.... and I wish I had some in the garden. Wishes and horses.....
     The cats and I had yet another 'come to Jesus' moment today when, as I had the screens down and was repairing them, yet again, the boy cat commenced to pulling out what I had just pushed back into the track.  He got to try out his nonexistent wings, right off the side of the porch. (Did I mention that I have also run out of my hormones and desperately need to get that prescription refilledL:?  *the question mark is a bit of a problem as well. ;'this would be a lot more broken up but the autocorrect is helping me out. l'the computer is convinced I am can't spell my way out of a paper bag. Not true.\ But the right shift button is a bit of a challenge, I will admit.
     My brother who lives in 'boulder, 'co. is alive, if soggy and I guess 'Boulder and the surrounding area is a mess from the flooding. It reminded me of the good old days here on '"Skelton 'Creek when it used to rain all of May and two or three ;tujesdays in 'September. "Danny took this shot ( I think it is about 1990 but the kids would probably know ) and I'm sure he was very nervous about us walking through the running water as it washed out the road between our house his mom;s. Notice that "Able seems to be wet clear up to his arm pits. No doubt he was 'fall diving' into the deeper water in the ditches.
      'we have been getting nice gentle showers in the evenings lately so everything is green and watered. It seems a little strange that the grass is not crunching under foot as I walk across the yard this year.  f'or the past three years the grass was yellow and burned to a crisp by A"august. I kind of like this green look.  I have seen a few yellow leaves peaking out of the 'Cottonwood canopies but not many and, though it is cool in the mornings and at night, it is still in the mid to upper eighties most days. Not cool enough for the leaves to really be turning yet. 'that's okay, there is plenty to time for f'all to ulpuill on her orange and yellow gown before the Ball begins in October.
     Tje spice shop has been open a full year now and we are heading into the fourth quarter, hoping for a great holiday season. 'we have learned a lot and I am sure we will continue to learn more as we go along.  Mistakes were made early on because, as we all know, there is a learning curve and, with money on the table, it is a pretty steep one.  'we have met many, many wonderful opepole (that went wellO) and I love helping them find just the right spice blend for their culinary adventures and also just getting to know them.
 We have had several people akin about these two things in the past couple of weeks for some reason, so yes, we do carry preserved lemons and pomegranate molasses. You've never tried pom molasses? It is sweet and tangy at the same time and adds lots of zing to
BBQ sauces and vinaigrettes. Think of it as all the goodness of pomegranates without all those annoying seeds.
This year we will have a kiosk in Penn 'Square Mall from November through January so it will be a little easier for people to pick up a gift set or two or maybe some extracts for unique gifts, if they are already out shopping.  'we will be situated up top, just as you come in , or are going out of, the west doors.  Yes, we will definitely also still be open here at the main shop at 4300 N. Western.
    Okie dokie..I'm off to call the pharmacist and see what in the world is going on in my front yard. Something;/someone has been clanking around out there for a little while and I can't think how that can be good.  Ta ta for now. Keep smiling and take time to smell those roses.  This lovely pic is of my Abbey 'smelling the roses' with her sweet boy, just before nite-nite time. This is the magic moment for mothers; the one that makes all the yucky stuff worth it.


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