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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yarnover Enid strikes in the night

      I happened to stop by the Sidewalk Cafe in Enid today for lunch and noticed, as I walked in, that there were a couple of small yarn bombs on the light posts outside. Cute. (Yarn bombs are knitted items that are attached to poles, statues. trees, or anything else, in the course of a night, so that when morning dawns, they are miraculously there. It's sort of like the secret work of 'the little people', and very fun stuff. It is like knitted graffiti and is happening all over the world. ) It makes people smile.
    As I sat waiting for my order to arrive, I began to look around the square and realized that the the entire square and all the way down to the Cherokee Strip Conference Center had been yarned. Knitting was everywhere, elaborate, beautiful and unbelievable.  I took some pictures to share with you here and will try to attach the entire slideshow as well.

                                            Outside the bike shop

    This is my favorite. Notice the little knitted buffalo at his feet.

 These were gigantic spiderweb...with spiders.

     An example of the many trees that were wrapped in afghans

This flag was in front of the post office. Every fence post had a sock monkey hat and all the parking meters had yarn chicken feet on them.
 This is a statue about the history of Enid. It has a pioneer guy, a Air Force pilot (for the air base) and the woman from here who commanded the space shuttle. Now they all have cute hats to keep them warm.
                                                  Love this little guy.
The statue of liberty had a new crown and water at her feet and the statue of Boomer ( the man on horseback, running in the Cherokee Strip) had a red scarf flying off his neck, the three musicians in the tri-state statue had blue and white winter scarves around their necks. Kudos to whoever came up with this idea, it was a great one.

Well, as I suspected, I was unable to get the slideshow to load, but you get the idea.

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