"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Monday, October 14, 2013

Autumn Above and Below

We have strode with soft knees
down the final grade of the year
into this bluer light and the swirling,
auburn breezes of Autumn.
Roadways are tapestried with color,
woodsmoke hangs in the air,
a randomness of leaves makes
wild, whispering music under foot.

This is what the senses tell us,

but dropping to our knees,
searching beneath the beauty,
pushing back yellowed stems
and brown, sodden leaves,
we can glimpse the topmost layer
of the vastly deeper world below,
beyond hearing and sight; here
billions of microbes and bacteria,
the small and unlovely among us,
busily transform death into life.

Lay your hand just there,
close your eyes and imagine:
imagine roots, thousands of roots
in an intricate web, reaching
down and down toward warmth,
holding safe the energy for life
through months of icy winds.
Imagine snow melt, trickling
silently past worms, debris and decay,
soaking into sleeping seeds that
wait for the moment of beginning.

Nature wastes nothing,
man, beast, bird, flower or stone,
everything takes its turn and is
returned to the soil or the sea,
where it is recreated again and again.
This is the song that spins the planet
and we too are here, now, in this moment,
learning how to listen, adjusting
to the ever changing angles of light,
finally taking the time to understand.

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