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Friday, October 4, 2013

Sweet Rain All Around

Danny had a favorite poem which he used to recite every time the heavens opened and the rains poured upon the earth. I think he had memorized it when he was a child.
" The lightning flashed and the thunder roared
and the water ran down the ditches.
I got scared and jumped the fence
and tore my Sunday britches."

      That is exactly the kind of rain we are receiving tonight, with lots of fireworks and cymbal crashes on every side, water pouring off the roof in silver streams and puddling in the low place beneath the old Mulberry.  I can practically hear my little trees squealing with delight.  I managed to get both the cemetery and my yard mowed this afternoon (after my nap!) so we should be all set for the winter. Time to get that poor mower into the shop for some much needed TLC. 
     My little cherry tomato bushes are loaded and begging to be picked and packed into jars for the wintertime.  I may oblige tomorrow...I may not. I am more than a little weary from fighting the allergies and the congestion that accompanies the season.  So far so good, thanks to EmergenC and Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold and the Netti Pot.  Here's hoping I can keep it from becoming something worse than a stuffy head. I BELIEVE IN MAGIC.
      I spent most of the evening in the arms of a good book, one of the few I have ever read more than once. The book is The Game of Kings, by Dorothy Dunnett. It is the first of a several book series which I read many years ago and fell in love with.  The characters feel like dear old friends to me and I always enjoy going back to Scotland for a visit.  (Ms. Dunnett wrote a second series as well which, interestingly, tells the story of some of the ancestors of the people in the first series. Kind of a switcheroo, time wise. I love those stories as well.) They are not easy books to read: you should really have brushed up on your Latin and French before you begin, and you should definitely have a dictionary close at hand and a good grasp of the principles and strategies of the game of chess. 
      The locust trees have dropped their dark brown seed pods along the driveway and the first yellow Cottonwood leaves are dappling the yards around the house.  The Lantana and Four O'Clocks are busy with butterflies and Hummingbird Moths at every hour of the day and the ants on the sidewalk are in a frenzy to get their stores in before the coming of the killing frost, when they will pull their stone doorways shut and prepare to sit out the winter underground.  
     There are still some birds here but not nearly the cast of thousands that graced the limbs of every tree all summer.  The Swallows left their mud nests under the bridge well over a month ago, along with the Hummingbirds. The doves are still around and my woodpeckers and the Cardinals, who stay with me all winter long.  I still hear a few locusts making a racket in the treetops, especially just at sundown.  They are not long for the world.  
     The weathermen were saying the temperatures would be in the forties by morning here and my friend in the mountains of Colorado says they are expecting to get snow.  For now I will be happy with this lovely cool rain, washing the dust off of everything, cooling down the earth and getting some of the Fall pollen out of the air. 
      Maybe I will be able to breath a little easier in the morning.  The thunder and lightning continues in the distance. It is time for this one to head for the bed. Sweet dreams.


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Brenda Cohorn said...

Beautiful fall weather. Horrible allergies. I'm fighting them and today isn't any different. But the weather is beautiful. I just read "Situation Maid" and I loved it. Going to NW High School tonight to watch "Annie Get Your Gun." Life is good for me and I know it gets better for you each day. love you.