"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ten or So on Tuesday

      Happy thought:  Little Rowan Danny Korenak. When Irish eyes are smilin' indeed.

Win #1. First thing this morning, at the spice shop, in walked a class from Harding Fine Arts Academy selling year book ads.  They did get their add but only after receiving a tour of the shop, a lesson on the history of the spice trade world wide from yours truly, a lesson on the fine art of salesmanship from Able, a lesson on how to draw cartoon super-heros from one of their fellow students, and forty shadow boxes which we donated to their art department because I know they will think of something awesome to do with them.  Good times. Every moment has the potential to be a teaching moment.

Win #2.  We have a new employee, Ryan. I like him. He was in the USAF (not a pilot)  for six years, knows how to work without complaining, learns everything very quickly and is pleasant and polite to the customers and to us. Win! He's going to help us at the kiosk in the mall this holiday season. Thank you.

Win #3.  My little piano student and I played part of Canon in D together this afternoon and it made her so happy she actually smiled her big smile at me. It was only the second time I have seen it.  Hooray!

4.  The new moon and Venus have been dancing a very beautiful pas de deux these past few evenings, opening for the crystal clear star spangled sky show later on.  Be still my heart.

5.  We're having a Fall Themed Date Night Cooking Class  with Petra next Friday (October 18th) at 7:00 at the spice shop. Pumpkin soup with shrimp, smoked salmon on Rye, Caramelized apples with Ginger Foam.  Yum!  We have spots for two couples left. If you know someone in the City area who might want a deliciously different date night, or if you do yourself, call to save your spot.  405-525-9119  You won't regret it.

6.  I never did see the masses of Monarch butterflies moving through the yard. Guess I missed them. I did have a single one flutter by and land on my hand for a moment. I guess that's even better. Maybe he didn't have the energy to go with the whole extended family and decided to stay here with me for his final days.  Sure buddy.  Love to have you.

7.  For three breaths I wait,
     aware and listening without reaction:
     What is the deep need?
     Which words will bring light?
     Nothing yet...soon.
     Back to work
     with a soft smile.
     At the right time I will know.
     All creation sways together.

8.  My six year old grandson agreed (willingly) to sit on my lap and have cake at the birthday celebration for beautiful Kari last Sunday (Oh happy day!). I know there are few times left when he will allow that. I savored every second. I love him so dearly.

9. Cats are well, chicken is lonely but alive, coyotes are howling in the dark of night and I have had to dig out a thicker blanket for the bed. Brrrr.....I love the cool of Fall and snuggling under the covers in the cold nights.

10.  I love tomato soup with Zesta crackers...with or without the grilled cheese sandwich.
11. I have already reached and breached my quota of candy corn for this year. Yuck.
    Onward and upward. Goodnight. Much love.

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