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Friday, November 22, 2013

A Frosty Friday on the Farm

"The north wind doth blow
and we shall have snow,
and what will the Robin do then,
poor thing?

He'll sit in the barn
to keep himself warm
and hide his head under his wing,
poor thing."

     Yes indeed, the north wind doth blow and any leaves that were gloating in the fact that they had hung on through TBW's last blast are now skittering across the Red River. Brrrrr! All is well and we are warm but the poor little beasties that live in the wild are undoubtably wrapping their warm tails across their noses this morning.  The forecast sounded like a recast of the ice storm of 2002: A fast drop in temps followed by light freezing rain and drizzle all night, followed by high winds from the north.  So far I haven't heard any trees breaking along the creek but far be it from me to shout huzzahs this early in the game. (I did hear the slight tapping of icy twigs this evening as Zane and I walked back from putting out the mail.)

If there is one thing you learn, growing up on the farm, it is that cold or not, your chores still have to be done.  Here is Zaney-boy as we came in from our evening chores: making sure the chicken was warm and fed, feeding the cats and shutting them in the garage, checking the bird feeders to make sure they had enough to eat for the morning. I found this wonderfully warm snow suit four years ago and have been saving it for just such a frigid winter.  I couldn't find my flashlight but Zane knew where his was so we were good to go.
      My brother Jim was here last week-end and brought this little pull puppy back to Oklahoma from Denver, where he has been living for years and years.  This was the puppy that all Mom and Dad's grandkids played with when they were small and visiting grandma, years ago.  He has lost the little shoe he carried in his mouth and he doesn't make the sound anymore but he is still cute as a button.  Zane pulled him around the house and I pulled the little wooden duck that Danny made for our kids. Simple pleasures with the simplest of toys.  Memories in the making. (*As a very sad side note: good old Mr. Duck, who has survived unscathed for thirty years or more, has somehow lost his wooden bill of late and is also missing one goggly eye. Repairs are in the making.)

       I don't know how, but Audra managed to catch a stomach virus of some sort and spent much of last night throwing up and all of today aching all over and slumped in the bed.  Of course the kids were not allowed to be around her for fear they too would catch the bug. They did pretty well, although both of them missed her and wanted to go sit with her several times during the day. Right at this moment Zane is crying himself to sleep because he wants her to sing him to sleep and she can't come into his room, nor he go into hers. He and I have great times together, it's true, and we love each other dearly but no one can take the place of a mother, in the heart of a child. I hope she feels better tomorrow, for everyone's sake.

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