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Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Normal Sunday

This morning, when Zane and I stepped
out to let the cats out of the garage and check on the chicken, we noticed that the moon was a giant round and was hanging a little way up in the western sky. We pulled on hoodies, grabbed a sleeve of crackers and two blankets and went out in the front yard where we could get a better view of it as it slowly slipped down the sky and away.  The pecan tree was throwing its leaves to the wind and they blew our way, showering us now and then. Perfect.
     As it turns out, it takes quite awhile for that last slow descent of the full moon and we got way too cold before it disappeared so we went inside and watched from the windows of the dining room.  It wasn't as good but it was warmer, which is important I guess.

    The other day Abbey gave us the astronaut costume that had been Brendan's and it just fits Zane.  (That's B and M on the left and Z on the right). He loved being an astronaut all morning and walked around saluting everyone and saying, "Yes, captain. At my service." He and I made a rocket ship out of wooden pallets and zoomed off into space with one of the cats who sneaked onboard at the last minute.  When we got to outer space we stopped and picked up cheeseburgers and drinks and then we came back to earth. I had thought it would be much more interesting in outer space but I guess not.

    We have decided to name the chicken Ruby. I see it as a bad omen of things to come. Every time we cave and give a chicken a name it invariably gets snatched up by the coyotes or the raccoons fairly soon thereafter.  Oh well.  We did get hold of 'farmer Tim', as Zane calls him, and he is going to gift us with two or three chickens so we will have a proper flock to tend.  Farmer Tim in Mr. Riesen's youngest son and has inherited the famous Riesen Zoo. His dear father, John, died just a week ago. I know Danny was happy to be with him again but we were sad to lose him. He was a true "gentleman and a scholar" who was our neighbor out here in the country. He taught high school math for years and years as well as coaching baseball at Pioneer forever and two days.  The baseball field there at the school is named after him, in honor of all his years of service. I loved him dearly and will miss his gentle kindness.
     Business at the spice shop was super slow today but the back stock cabinet was crammed full of boxes to be filled, so Brooke and I kept very busy even though we didn't sell much.  Now all the kiddos are safely tucked into their little beds and I am headed that way myself after a little quiet reading time. Take care. Look for everyday miracles; they are all around us every moment of the day.

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ishmael said...

Hi again from England....

I was watching the Moon "rise" over our bit of the Universe.... it always think "Wow" (you get the idea) that we see the same Moon - just from thousands of kilometers apart !!

Thank you for the photo !!