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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pre-Thanksgiving cooking

It has been too cold for many adventures outdoors lately but we have had fun indoors and have braved the low temps now and then, when it was absolutely necessary. Absolutely necessary includes the following:
1.  Feeding the cats
2. Breaking the ice on the fish pond

3. Filling the bird feeders
4. Swinging (apparently there is no end to the amount of time Zane will spend swinging,
     regardless of the weather. Amazing.)
5. Getting the mail.
6. Chasing the cats or the chicken.
7. Going down to the chicken house to get the egg for the day.
8. Jumping on the hay bales (when it isn't windy).
Those are important things and must be done, come hell or high water.

We also do a lot of cooking.  Audra and Zach bought Zane some white plastic knives that will actually cut things but won't cut people. Odd, but true.  Zane loves them and helps out with lots of things. He always helps with the eggs at breakfast, knows how to break them without getting shells in the pan, knows how to sprinkle salt in a circle around the pan while adding it and loves to use the mixer while making cookies or cake.
 Here he is cutting up the potatoes that we had for supper the evening before last.

Today he and I also made a cherry pie which turned out amazingly well. We have a lullaby that talks about "going to make a pie with a heart in the middle", so we made this one with a heart in the middle. He loved it.

Audra read him the story about The Elf On The Shelf and Zane has named his elf "Gary" for some reason. We spent a good hour putting together a little house for Gary in case he comes while we are gone to Aunt Abbey's for Thanksgiving.  Included in the story was the little known fact that Gary is actually Jingleboy's cousin. I'm sure they are going to have tons of fun together once Gary arrives.
     Here is Gary's house. As you can see, it has a nice little bed (complete with stuffed lamb), a couple of books, a phone in case he needs to call Santa, a teapot, some raisons, chips and cereal for snacks, a thimble for drinking out of, a big screen tv, a robot toy, two chairs and a keg of beer. That should be quite cozy for him and keep him from flying back and forth to Santa's house with too much information.

    After all of that and naps, Zane and I headed to the park in Waukomis with Jingleboy and Jangle, to give Audra and Rowan a little time to nap before the evening baking, supper and wind-down began.

Here is Zane at the top of a gigantic slide which didn't seem to bother him at all but scared me death.

Jingleboy and Jangle, dressed up in their Thanksgiving garb AND their Santa hats. 

Audra and the boys during and after bath time. Look at Rowan's crazy hair, would ya!
We finished the evening with a little bit of Wreck It Ralph, the movie.  It cracks me up that Zane's favorite part of most movies is the music the plays during the credits at the end.  There are always at least two songs and he gets up and breaks into a dance and insists that you dance too.  Hilarious, (and fun).
     This little piggie is going to be now.  Best wishes for good company and good food for tomorrow's feast. Be safe on the road.

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