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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Some Happy Thoughts

 I thought I would just do a post of pictures about some of the beautiful things that have been happening of late.
Here is Rowan, playing the grinning game in his high chair. This little guy and I are good buddies now and he lets me snuggle him most of the time.  What a cutie! He is small but mighty and quite a scrambler.


Here is his brother, Zane, wearing his Grandpa Blakley's cowboy hat and riding his horse Peanut Butter on the front porch.  His favorite activity at the farm is playing on the hay bales.
This is a good shot of my cat, James, and my hiking boots. (A new tradition I picked up from my new friends, Tom and Linda: taking pictures of my shoes when I am out and about or in a new place for a visit or a vacation.) Yes, the hat is actually brilliant orange so I don't get shot by some random hunter (who would be trespassing!) while I was wandering in the forest.

This was in October, when Audra and the boys came down for a visit before they moved here.  We all joined Able and Kari, and Anna and Jarret at a pumpkin patch south of Norman. Here we are on the hay ride. 

These two pics were taken this morning (Sunday) when it began to snow a lovely, soft-flaked feathering of white. Maggie and Brendan bundles up and ran outside to play in the cold and try to catch the flakes on their tongues.  They also licked it off the top of their sand table for some reason. It must have been delicious.  I was glad we had filled the bird feeders while Abbey was in D.C. because the birds were loving them this morning.

Photo credit: Pat Hoerth

This picture is in here especially for my grandkids, whose bedtime story tonight was about the Pilgrims and their native friends in that first horrible winter in this land, and for my friend Ishmael in England. This is a real tipi like the ones used by the Plains Indians that roamed this prairie before the Europeans came along and changed their world forever, in the worst possible ways. Isn't it lovely, up against the glorious Oklahoma sunset.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. 

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