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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ten On Tuesday: 11/19/13

1. Beautiful things happen all around us every day, some we notice but the majority of them we miss because we are too focused on what we are on our way to or what just happened.  The other morning as I was driving to the spice shop, I took the wide curving off ramp from I-235 onto Western and, before I even got to the Western light, I slowed to a halt, along with every other car on the road, to let a family of ten Canada Geese amble slowly across the road.  No one honked or rushed them. We all simply watched and marveled at their unhurried pace and their trust that all would be well. There's probably a lesson in there somewhere.

 2.  As I headed north out of OKC that same day, many hours later, I was slowing for the final red light before open country began. I glanced to my right and noticed the full moon was just up in the sky and was sandwiched between a red "don't walk" hand sign and a "no U turn" sign. What a funny stack-up.

3. We had a sunset that Albert Bierstadt  would have loved to paint. Towering white clouds that were blushed with pale, overlapping pastels of pink, apricot, yellow and rose stood against a bluest of blue sky. Along the lower edge of the picture ran the bright line of Kelly Green winter wheat. I didn't even try to capture it on film because I already knew it would never fit onto the screen of my little camera and would probably have disappeared long before I could have found the camera anyway. Zane and I ran out to watch it change colors but he didn't seem to 'get it' and wandered away fairly quickly. 

4.  Our chicken, Ruby, has decided she doesn't like laying her egg in the nest anymore. She probably has her reasons but, since we don't speak chicken, we can't understand a word she's saying. Now we have to hunt around the coop every morning to find the egg.  Usually we find it in one certain corner but not always. Day before yesterday we found one in the middle of the floor. Still no word from Farmer Tim about the new hens.

5.  Five, five, sakes alive,
     peppermint sugar candy,
     give me a dime and an hour's time
     and I'll dress up like a Dandy.

6. This Saturday is the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special on BBCA.  If you come into the shop that day with a Doctor Who shirt on, and buy something, we'll give you a 10% discount. I will be wearing my new 10th Doctor shirt, complete with Rose and an Ood.  We may or may not have fish fingers and custard as well. We're working on it. Whovians unite!...or untie....or itune...or......whatever. Whose your Doctor?

Time And Relative Dimension In Space=TARDIS
Don't Blink!  Don't even blink.
Amy, you have to remember. 
Bowties are cool.
I speak everything. 
I'm a Time Lord from the Planet Gallifrey. I'm 906 years old. I have two hearts.
Wibbley, wobbly, timey wimey.... stuff. 
Mr. Smith, where is the watch?!
Hello Sweetie. 
The only water in the forest is the river. 
The Doctor Donna. 
Fish Fingers and Custard. 
Don't let me eat any pears; I hate pears. 
Come here, you need a doctor.
This won't hurt, I promise.
The Jidoon! 

7.  How is it possible that it is already November 19th or 20th (depending on when you see this)? Either way it boggles the mind. 2013 went by at warp speed. 

8.  The flocks of Red Winged Black Birds are swooshing through the skies now. It's nice to see them back again. We are back to our normal clouds of sparrows, Juncos, two pair of Cardinals, to pair of Downy Woodpeckers, a pair of doves and a Phoebe here in the Blakley Arboretum. Oh, there are other small supporting cast members of course, plus the hawks and crows (who never leave), but those are the main cast. The Goldfinches and the Wrens haven't yet made an appearance although they might be here. I did think I heard a little wren peeping at us from out on the porch the other day, but I didn't see her.

- There is no eight for some reason.

9.  My eyes are twitching now so I had better give it up and go to bed. That's all the news that is fit to print, as they say. Hope all is well with you and yours.
Stay flexible, adaptable and ready to switch leads if you need to make a sudden turn.  There's no sense in getting caught flat footed.

10. Happy Birthday to all my November Birthday friends:
    Grandma Dotter (Gladys), Anna Dotter, Jim and Nick Dotter, LouAnn Lanning, Christal Hamann, Taylor Goodwin and our newest  family member, little Bailee Elizabeth Brown up in Seattle, Washington, born just a couple of weeks ago. ( I'm guessing on that spelling.) Welcome to our lovely blue planet.

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Make sure your Sonic Screwdriver is charged up & ready to go....

We're looking forward to the new Dr making his first appearance, at Christmas !!