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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Farm Awakens!

     Audie and her family have been at the farm for a week now. I am loving having them here; the house and the yard had seemed too empty and silent these past years with only myself living here.  This is a big enough house for people to share and it longs for life. I can not tell you how wonderful it is to have other voices in the house; to hear someone laughing or singing or coughing in another room; to hear a door closed by a hand other than my own. Apparently I have been alone long enough and need company.  I do not know how long they are here for but I know I love having them here. It is like medicine for my soul.
  Here is Rowan one afternoon when he and I were outside alone while Zane and Audra napped.  Ro and this cat have bonded and this was the day they met. This is the male cat and he is so extremely gentle and loving with his new little friend.
I love watching them together. Rowan and I are also getting to know each other better and I have discovered that he is one funny little guy with a fantastic sense of humor.
I so enjoy our times alone together.
One of the things I really want to do while they are here at the farm is to give Audra some help and opportunities to get caught up on her sleep a little bit, so whenever I can, I take the child who is awake outside with me and Audra sleeps.

      Each morning,  Zane and I head outside early to "do the chores" which involves checking on the chicken to see if she has enough food and water and feeding the cats. We need more than this one chicken but are having some trouble locating any that want to move here. If you know someone who is looking to get rid of any hens, we would be tickled pink to give them a new home.
    After seeing to the chicken, we let the cats out of the garage and feed them their breakfast. Zane does all of this himself and seems to like it.  We then sit and watch the cats eat and notice things: the little birds that hop and chirp in the lilac bushes nearby, the hawk that circles above us, whether or not there are airplanes flying, if Mr. Peter Rabbit is out and about yet, if there are any bugs on the grass beside us.  You know...notice things. :)
     Sometimes we go on an adventure then, if Audra has gotten the baby back to sleep and is trying to sleep herself.  We walk to the hay bales and practice our jumping and then walk on into the woods and hit some trees or try to push our way through the 'jungle' to find the creek. The cats come with us.  There must be something that lives under the hay bales because the cats don't like it there. They jump up with us but they always have their backs up and are very wary.
    Sometimes we go to the bridge and throw sticks and rocks into the brown water or we start a little fire in the patio stove. Sometimes we get out the birdseed and fill up a couple of feeders.  It is nice to have help. Here is Zane in his chore coat. (Love it!)

      The weather has been pretty nippy here in the mornings and we found the perfect hat for Zane to wear while doing chores. Audra is not too wild about the color but I know Zane's Grandpa Blakley would get a kick out of him looking like a little cowboy. Personally, I think he looks good in orange.

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