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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thank You One and All

    This is a big thank-you Christmas blog for everyone who has worked so hard for the last three months in order to make Christmas a big success at the spice shop. I am terribly proud of all of you. Proud as punch.
    Since everything (almost) that we sell in the shop is hand packaged and labeled, that means hours upon hours of standing or sitting while pouring spices and extracts into bottles, sticking on weight stickers, getting labels straight, pricing, back-stocking and putting together gift sets. Special thanks to friends of the shop who came by for Monday night builds in October so we would be ready for the holiday rush. We were ready, thanks to you guys.

     Thanks to family and friends who spent most of a night, THREE DIffERENT TIMES, getting the Kiosk set up, flipped around and then moved to a new, better location in the mall. It was certainly worth the time and labor to us, as the kiosk has done very well. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I hope that someday, once your backs have all healed, that you can look back on those times and smile. (P.S. You do know that in about a month we have to take it down again and load it on the truck, right? You may want to plan your trips out of town accordingly.)
    Thanks to our employees, Ty, Anna, Taylor, Ellick, Ryan, Brooke and Priscilla for hanging in there and working hard to sell great spices to total strangers. You guys have done a fantastic job for us.
     Thanks to Abbey for all her great work on social media this season, spreading the word across Facebook, Pintrest and Twitter so people would know what was going on at Savory Spice OKC and what our special Christmas deals were. Also, thanks for coming to the shop to help back stock and make gift sets with us whenever you could. Thank you B for helping me restock the shelves whenever he comes into the shop. It goes so much faster when I have a young reader to help me.
     Thank you Kari for being such a cheerful supporter of Able and his work in the spice world. For stepping up to help with builds, back stocking, midnight runs to Dallas for spice shipments, running the cash register and helping customers at any and all times, when I know you were tired from your own job. You are an amazing woman, a good friend to all of us and a tremendous asset to our spice adventure.
      Thank you Zach and Audra for helping out at the kiosk whenever we needed you, as well as helping with the building and moving of the kiosk and with stuffing spices into jars and endlessly filling zip locks with cocoa powder. It never ends. We are still doing just that. It's good cocoa, what can I say? People like it.
     And most especially, thanks to Able who has tackled the job of learning how to run a small franchise business and has done a great job at it.  The store is open seven days a week and most of the time Able is there every day, working hard and juggling all the many balls that have to stay in the air at all times in order for the shop to stay afloat.
    We have learned a lot in these past couple of years at the shop. I am sure we have much more to learn in the years to come. I love it that we can all be here working together and helping wherever we are needed. Merry Christmas to all of you.  We managed to ride the tiger till his tongue was hanging out. Hooray and alleluia!

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