"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Thursday, January 30, 2014

This Day and All It Holds

          A virtual friend of mine blogged yesterday about her dear friend, a next door neighbor for the past twenty years, who was killed that day by a hit and run driver. Boom, lights out, which left the three children of that household (not little kids but teens) alone, their father having died suddenly four years ago.
       The day when I picked up the phone and was told that my Danny was suddenly in the next world it became painfully clear to me that this day, no, this moment, this sunrise or snowy afternoon, or evening of baths and books is all that we can be assured of in this world.  The rest of our days we take on faith that we will ride this blue boat that is our home planet into the golden light of tomorrow's dawning. There are no guarantees, be you four or ninety four.
     Knowing this, we would be wise to readjust our focus to what is happening around us at this moment in time. I love James Taylor's line, "Shower the people you love with love, show them the way that you feel." If not today, when? We will never catch up with tomorrow.  Let us then begin to look into the eyes that look back at us out of drive through windows or across check out counters and consciously connect with those people, if only for three minutes. This could be their final day on earth, or ours for that matter. We do not know their story but we can honor their humanity by the compassion and respect which shines out of our eyes into theirs.
     I realize that hiding behind 'what people expect' or 'the image that is cool' or 'what success looks like' eyes might seem easier but it is harmful to all of us as spiritual beings.  Whatever the semantics of our differing theologies, I think we can surely agree that we are more than bones, tissue and synapse.  That 'more', call it what you will, thrives on love and compassion.  We can do that. We must find the courage to take off our masks and openly care about each other, each and every other, without judgement.

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Brenda Cohorn said...

I've made the comment several times today that "when you are my age, any day you wake up is a blessing." Most have chuckled at what I've said. But, it really is true. - no matter your age. Each day is a gift.