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Monday, February 17, 2014

Backyard Olympics OKC

      The little apartment in the city (as opposed to the big house in the country) is working out just as I hoped it would.  Things happen, plans change and suddenly I find myself still in town and too tired, or night blind, to drive the long road home after the sun has sunk below the horizon. I simply pop over and enjoy a quiet evening with a book, the computer or sleep itself. Ahh...
      I was in town last night after working the shop in the daytime.  The plan for today was to get up, swing by and see the grands for a bit and then head on to the farm. Instead I got to spend the morning with Zane and Rowan at their new home while their mom ran a few errands around town.  The morning included such highlights as a picnic on the patio when Mom returned, church in Papa's room (complete with an improvised hymns), an episode or two of Wonder Pets and a reading of The Velveteen Rabbit before naps.
      As they slept I headed over to Abbey's to say hi to everyone there, since they were out of school and work for Presidents Day. Brendan, Maggie and I played a few hilarious games of Nintendo (hilarious since I didn't have a single clue about how to play the games and Brendan assumes you know this stuff. Ha.)  Maggie and I were big on running our avatar through the bell flowers and wading them through the water, while Brendan was all about the fight against the bad guys. Good times. I'm sure B was very frustrated by our amateur antics. I have to admit, I get weary of whacking things with a sword or a hammer.
     After the Korenaks woke up they came over to join in the fun and also so Audie could do some laundry.  Since it was a ravishingly gorgeous day we decided to hold the obstacle olympics in the backyard. This is a timed event.  After set-up and a thorough walk-through so everyone was clear on the course, we began.

The athletes had obviously done their homework and were well prepared for this event. Look at the form of Brendan as he times these curves for optimum speed.
This event leaves ample room for individual creativity and we saw plenty of that from each of the racers.  The free style red-rubber-ball-kick near the end of the course was quite challenging since, by that time, their legs were shot. Luckily the kick was not judged on accuracy this year.

This is Maggie demonstrating her winning hopping technique through that treacherous ring section in the middle of the course. Notice she is sporting the new boots by "Spotted Boot" that have been receiving so much attention at this year's games.

      Here we see Zane Korenak, the youngest participant, demonstrating how to throw in some flare on the slide element, going head first for the extreme points.  
     During the break between heats, refreshments were served to all the participants and their crews (aka: Everett and Rowan) courtesy of the famous and fabulous Abbey's Kitchen. Of course the media was everywhere and swarmed the runners for interviews and photos during their break. Luckily there were no tears...at least not in the interviews.  One of the underaged athletes present, a younger brother of the gold medal winner, was heart broken that he was not allowed to participate at this level. Soon, Everett, soon.

Here are the final results: Brendan took home the Gold Medal, Maggie snagged the Silver and Zane took home the Bronze.  Here they are joining in the singing of the national anthem and then showing their medals for the photo op following the medal ceremony. It was a first time sweep for Team USA but I can assure you it won't be the last. 

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Brenda Cohorn said...

OMGosh, Debra.... What fun! I'm sure you're tired after all that traveling, and covering the event!!