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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Peter Mayer in concert

    Last Sunday evening I was blessed to attend a Mayer concert presented by the Performing Arts Studio in the Norman Depot. If you are familiar with the Norman area you would be correct in assuming that it is the old depot just south of Main, on Jones. The Mayer concert was one of their Winter Wind series of events and was an absolute joy to be part of. I highly recommend that you check into finding your way to this beautifully presented arts series. (For additional information about PAS programs phone 405 307-9320.) 
      The survival of the arts in society has always depended, for the most part, on the generosity of its patrons. This continues to be the case today as music/art programs across our state continue to see their funding cut.  I urge you to invest your time and monies in support of the arts in whatever way your find most fulfilling for yourself.
     I have included the link to Peter Mayer's web page so you can find some info on the man and his music here. Peter's instrumental voice is folk/rock suffused with intricate, fluid guitar work and intriguing rhythm patterns but it is his lyrical voice that so speaks to my heart and spirit.  He reminds me of a current day Pete Seeger in that through his music he speaks into the world a profound message about the interconnectedness of life on this beautiful "blue boat home" on which we live out our days.
     Peter Mayer is a delightfully funny and engaging man who draws his audience into his circle of joy through both his commentary about the songs and his presence on and off stage.  This music will stir up the waters of your spirit and bring a smile to your face.

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