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Friday, March 7, 2014

Garden Prep

       Although this day started out looking grey and blustery, by afternoon it had opened up into something warm and wondrous, perfect for turning over some dirt and what not.
I did some more prep (digging in the planting sections of the meditation circle. I'm calling it the Cirque de sore-legs.) One more afternoon and it will be ready to go.  I tell you this because, believe it or not, you all volunteered to keep me accountable on this beast so I don't give up and walk away.
       I transplanted the remnant blackberry bushes out into the blackberry line with the others and watered them in. Now I need to get their fences up so they will have trellising. I finished putting the charcoal and good soil from the burn pit into the new diggings and dug out some more Johnson Grass roots in the process. They went over the creek bank. Honestly, nothing takes over like JG so why not toss some down there where the walls are washing away? Done. (Sorry, no pics of blackberry canes or JG. )
      The chickens swapped some eggs for their freedom, bolted out the door and made a bee line for the public dust baths. It cracks me up to watch them rolling in the dirt, tossing it over their shudders and muttering to each other while they fluff their feathers. I gave them some privacy and wandered all over the yard and gardens looking for the first flower of Spring. The only thing I found was a tiny little blue blossom the size of a lentil on a barely alive weed in Maggie's Wood. I'll take it. The first flower of Spring! Ta-Da!
There are Daffodils in the bud but they know it's going to snow and sleet tomorrow and are not giving up their warm coats just yet. Lots of tulip leaves are unfurling in the brown leaves and green spears of Jonquils sticking up everywhere but that's it. It's March, something should be blooming right? Right?

       I'm missing my grandkids terribly right now.  I walked past this (the outdoor kitchen on the porch....I believe this is actually the oven, but I'm not sure) and almost cried, wanting them here in the afternoon sunlight, chattering back and forth while they pour sand into and out of everything they can find.  Sigh. When the weather starts warming up maybe I can sneak them out here more often for some fun on the farm.

       The gardens are suddenly full of old colored Easter eggs.  The kids never find all the eggs during our hunts and the unclaimed ones get covered up with weeds and dirt and then fallen leaves.  They spend the winter snuggled into the debris, but once the chickens start their Spring scratching (a.k.a. turning the garden) the eggs begin to work their way to the surface. I usually have one of the kiddos help me pick all of them up before it's actually Easter. We take them inside and wash them and throw away any that are too badly broken or stained.  Egg maintenance you know; very important.
    Well, off to bed with this one. We'll see if this snow and ice materializes or if the weather people are just whistling Dixie.


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