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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Maggie's Day

     The art of Grandmothering is definitely a horse of a different color.  I have found that I really connect to different Gkids at different times, for whatever non apparent reason.  Sometimes they all want to be with grandma and sometimes none of them do. But usually it is one of them in particular that seeks out my attention, grabs it and won't let go. Today was a kaleidoscope of love and attention and a good example of the above.
     I was already in the city, having stayed the night here after watching Abbey's kids for the day, while they were on Spring Break. I headed over to take care of little Everett first thing and that went well. We traveled to Audra's and E, Z and R played out in the back yard most of the morning. None of those three really needed me one on one today, they played together and sometimes I helped someone climb into a toy car or something like that but no great connection since they had each other. That's fine, I was able to talk to Audra a little bit, which I was happy about.
    When I took E back to Abbey's he immediately went down for a nap and I played a little kids game of quiz trivia flash cards with Brendan and Maggie who were freshly arrived home from zoo camp.  They both did great and I was amazed at how much they knew at such young ages.  Then B headed for his video games and Maggie and I headed to the bedroom to read books.  There is where the magic started. Sometimes Maggie and I have trouble connecting, which seems odd since she is my only granddaughter. Here is part of the problem: she and I both tend toward prickliness and attitudes on occasion, but not today. Maybe it was because she was more tired than usual or maybe because I was. Whatever the reason, today we loved each other's company. Hooray!!!

    We read book after book after book and she snuggled up to me and laid her sweet little head on my shoulder, something which I love but which she seldom does.  After books we moved to the kitchen where we donned aprons and worked together to make blooming loaves of cheesy-garlic-herb bread for the Third Thursday late night at the spice shop.  I did the cutting and Maggie did all the stovetop work. She didn't need any help, by the way, and knew exactly what to do and how to do it.  It is very apparent that she has spent a lot of time cooking beside her mom. We talked and laughed and sang snippets of songs and she didn't run away to do something else, she stayed with grandma.  Yesterday afternoon too, we had spent quite a bit of time together building a castle/tunnel/homeforthegolfballfamily in the sand box and enjoying ourselves immensely. I loved spending so much time with this lovely little girl who looks so much like her mother did at that age. (This is a picture of Maggie in one of her Valentine's Day outfits, which she put together by herself. She has quite the eye for fashion as you can see.) 
       When the bread was done and I had spent some visiting time with Abb I had to go work at the spice shop. While I was there, Audra, Zach and the boys stopped by to walk Western and taste some goodness (our bread and some dips and chips).  We also walked to the 42nd Street Candy Company which is only a block away. I love having all my kids and grandkids close now and that they get time to play together regularly.
    As a not so wonderful side note: While I was immersed in this extended stint of grandmotherly activity I completely forgot that I was supposed to be Enid this afternoon, giving a piano lesson. Completely forgot it. Ah well, these things happen and it all works out for good....I hope. That might be nothing more than a weak excuse for my not paying attention to things on my calendar. Who knows. TTFN


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Cheri said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Just had a catch up with yours. Sounds like you had an absolutely beautiful day with Maggie.