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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Terraces, Seeds and Sunny Twinkles!

Take a gander at this little cutie-pie! The first blossom of Spring, so tiny I almost missed him (that's a normal sized Cottonwood leaf in front). What joy!!!
      I am so jealous of my Dad, who has Crocus and Daffodils blooming willy-nilly all over his back yard, and he won't let me come over because he doesn't want me to catch whatever crud he has been fighting. Next week I'm going, no matter what. I will sneak up on him and...SURPRISE!

    The work on the projects continued today, even though I really wanted to jump in the car and head to the city to be with the kids.  I figured out what patio blocks to buy (the cheap ones), and how many; finished tearing down the raised bed and redistributing the dirt.  I terraced more of the east berm and planted some mint...lots of mint...because it will take the place and will crowd out everything else, which is exactly what I want it to do.

   This is where the bed used to be. Those pots and cans are covering stakes that are sticking up out of the dirt, waiting to poke some darling child's eye out or jab him/her in the stomach when a stumble becomes a fall.  I'm going to get Able up on a tractor and have him pull them out with a chain soon.

     I took a trip to Atwood's yesterday to get chicken feed and stuff. I also bought a wrought-iron double spring chair for the swing area at the farm and a pecan tree. Fabulous.
Here is a picture of the new set of steps. They lead up from the fountain, past the mammoth Lantana plant and into the med. garden. I actually think they are too high at the end but am not going to tear the last layer out to lower it until the circles are done. They might end up being the correct height, you never know.

When I was in TLC the other day, getting the mint and some Elephant Ear bulbs, I ran across these two precious little kids. they reminded me of my own starlight filled grandkids so I got them to add to the new garden area. LOVE IT!

They make me

 This afternoon I ran up to the cemetery and planted native grass seed on some of the graves (I'm not naming names) that were bare and needed grassing; had a long visit with David about the oil business and my need to use his pickup soon; had another nice visit, over a hot cup of tea, with my neighbor Martha about one thing and then the other and soon it was dark and now I'm talking to you guys. Oh no! Just remembered that the chickens were outside today and it is dark now. Here I go, running out to shut the door before the skunks/racoons/coyotes/foxes creep in there and gobble them up. (You are invited to hum the tune to The Fox Went Out On The Chase...that's not the title but you know the song I'm sure, while I run out there and shut them up. Ready, begin....)

"...They never had such a supper in their life and the little ones chewed on the bones-o, bones-o, bones-o. They never had such a supper in their life and the little ones chewed on the bones-o!" "Ta-Da! Well done everyone; good to hear you in such good voice this evening. The hens were fine, up on their roosts, peering peevishly out the door when I stepped in to lock up. It's raining outside, lightly but I'll take anything in the form of rain.  Hopefully it will wet down that fluffy grass seed so it doesn't blow away tomorrow if TBW comes round for a visit.

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