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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Work Continues

Yesterday was a strange day for me.  Let me start by putting forth this one small, but oh so pertinent detail: every clock in my house runs on a battery. Sunday was the beginning of Daylight Savings Time (fake time as opposed to God's Time, as we call it around here).  Okay, there's that.
     I had been looking forward to working on the med garden some more and I was rearing to go, as we say out here in cowboy country. I climbed out of bed, pulled on my gardeners uniform, complete with hiking boots because I was going to be using the shovel.  TBW was out and on a rampage but I ignored him. I dug up the small brick path between the two garden groups, took out all the weeds under the roses, added dirt and compost to spruce them up a little and began dismantling the south raised bed.  Wow, what yummy soil there was in there! I parsed it out between the other beds and the newly dug center beds in the med. garden.  Bricks had to be taken somewhere, rough stones were piled off to the side awaiting their relocation orders. This went on and on all day long.
     In the middle of transferring the soil to new beds the phone rang.  Some lady informed me that my Mastercard account had been canceled. What?  You're account has been canceled. I told her that was probably a good thing since I didn't even know I had a Mastercard, so it might as well be canceled. While I was hanging up the phone I happened to notice that it was three minutes until five o'clock. FIVE O'CLOCK??
I knew it had been 3:30 only minutes ago, when I came out for the last run at the dirt pile.  I dropped the shovel, ran (I know, me running! Amazing stuff) inside and looked at the clocks. Sure enough, they all said 4:00. Pickles!!!
     The problem was that I was supposed to in Enid at 5:15 to meet a friend for a birthday supper. It wasn't going to happen. I called, asked her to order for me, and did the quickest clean up job of my life and was in the car by 5:06. Reminded me a little of early morning classes when I was in college. I could probably have won ten thousand bucks on worlds funniest videos if only someone had been recording it. I did have to wash my face in the car, with a baby-wipe which happened to be in the glove compartment but, hey. It isn't the first time, believe me.
     Supper was great, book study was even better, sleeping beside my newest toy, a TARDIS clock that projects on the ceiling and makes the sound, was the best.

     That brings us to today. TBW did not even rustle the leaves at the tops of the trees and it was shirt sleeve weather after about ten.  I decided the moment was ripe for my annual spring activity: laying some bricks.  The bricks around here have been ferried hither, thither and yon multiple times over the years. There had been some bricks around that garden I had taken apart the day before so I decided to fix one of the walks leading into the med garden.
     I took up the bricks that were there and sagging, fixed the base, added big stones along the sides on both sides and began placing the bricks back down. The issue with this walk is that there is a grade to it, it goes up hill. I decided to make steps, three wide but shallow brick steps. I did have to mine a few long, white bricks out of the very first part of the patio to use as the visible step. We put those bricks down when Able was a baby and reworked them about five years ago. The white works great as a visible reminder to step up lest you fall down.  I love the way they turned out. I went inside, took some ibuprofen, drank a tall glass of water and sat down to rest for a bit.
    I have a list of 23 things that need doing to get this garden to come together. I have done five of them now. Yipee! I am going to need more 'muscle' than I currently have to do some of the others.  That's okay. I know some 'muscle' that I can wrangle into helping me out.

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