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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Catching Up With The Easter Bunny

And....I'm back.

    Easter week-end was here, at the farm, this year and all attended.  We got some major work done on the garden project, thanks to all hands on deck (even all the little hands helped in one way or another). Saturday was lots of work, lots of fun working together and yummy food. Here we are planting one of the two new trees for Maggie's Wood.
      We went to Mass at Bison that evening, where the kiddos got to participate in the famous Bison Creation Reenactment.  I enjoyed seeing the folks there and getting visit some.  There for a few years they were a little short on kids for the creation story but now there are plenty of all ages, the next wave is upon us.
    I'm not sure why the Easter Vigil mass has to go on and on for two solid hours with seven very long readings, an explanation and renewal of everyone's baptism vows (yes, I do renounce him), and then communion, but that is the way it is.  That was obviously the idea of priests who have never had children and so knew nothing of their evening and nighttime schedules.  We started at 8:00 pm which is bedtime and went forward from there.  Why? That is the question I keep asking myself about the weird times for various masses in the Catholic church tradition.  I continue to blame it on the celibate priesthood.  After mass we had an egg hunt in the dark (?) and then..(yes it goes on) a friendly gathering with food in the hall.  Some of our group lasted through the egg hunt but all of us left before the food.

     In the past we had Easter mass at sunrise on Easter morning which made perfect sense in keeping with the resurrection story.  Everyone was fresh and rested, we had a few readings, an egg hunt in the morning light and breakfast with our church family.  That made sense. They don't do that anymore. Maybe it's because now Bison is a mission church and back then they were a parish with their own priest. Anyway.....oh well, NMP-NMF, as the old saying goes. This picture of Maggie and Zane was taken at the Myriad Gardens Egg Hunt in OKC, the day before.
     Easter morning dawned bright and early and Mr. Bunny had hopped by during the night sometime.  This day brought lots of outdoor fun along with a grand adventure under the bridge for Grandma, Maggie and Zane, after which they all had to lay down for naps. During nap time Brent, Abbey and Brendan, Able and Kari all joined forces and did a massive cleanup of the fire pit area east the garage, including clearing all the old wood and debris out from under and around the lilacs. Wow. What a lot of work and a tremendous blessing to me.  It is so much easier when there are many hands helping around here than just my own two.

        Unfortunately Sunday also brought the beginnings of the not so pretty happenings as well, namely the notorious stomach bug. Ro had been sick Thursday of the week before  (that is him pictured at right) and by Saturday evening his dad, Zach, was beginning to go down. Poor Zach was sick all day Sunday and their whole family had to leave early Sunday evening because Zane was looking pretty green around the gills and felt yucky. I hear he threw up on the drive home, always horrible.  Sunday night and Monday Audra was sick as a dog and I went down there to help with the boys so she could rest.  Apparently that little bug crawled into my car while I was there so Monday night and Tuesday I did nothing but throw up and lie in bed     doing nothing at all.  All the little guys were sporting this cute yellow bow tie at Mass. Way beyond cute.
       Today I am fine and ready to join the living again. Happy Easter! Brendan was here too but somehow didn't manage to get into any of the pictures. Who knows, maybe that was his plan. I'll bet his mother caught him on film somewhere along the line.  She will probably share with me.

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