"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Saturday, April 5, 2014


     I have been pushing too hard lately, apparently, so today I rested, all day long.  I read books, washed a few loads of clothes and nipped the winter-frozen tips off the roses but that is all.  Even that seemed to drain me of energy so I lay down on the grass (well, lets be honest, weeds) in the sunshine, soaking up warmth and peace from the blessed earth. It felt like napping in the arms of God.
    I am much better now.
I may have been resting but everything in the garden was busy, busy, busy. I heard bees flying past as I dozed, and flies buzzing around and around each other.  I noticed a jewel of a teeny-tiny beetle, startlingly green, scurrying for cover in the debris beneath the rose bushes while a sleek brown skink slipped across a path at my feet.
    The exquisitely veined white and purple violets in this picture came from the gardens at my grandma's house. Aren't they fancy! The Quince is in full 'pinkalicious' bloom, the Pear tree is decked out in its white lace and all of the Red Buds are a riot of purples. I even noticed that the Apricot up in the cemetery is thinking about blooming. (Not yet, soon. Be wise, little tree.)

     While passing by one of the herb beds I spied these little guys just beginning to edge upward in tandem.  One day soon they will be giant orbs of purple Alliums standing regally on stout stems above all their neighbors. How can all that organized color and symmetry be packed into this little pointed bud?  It boggles the mind.
Right beside these guys are two of my gorgeous Parrot Tulips, red and feathered, ready to swirl open in the morning. Yea!!

But this was the 'find' of the afternoon. I was walking past the heaps and mounds of winter-dead Vinca ground cover and noticed one rusty, tasseled head of a Peony poking out from under all the layers of leaves and stems. When I gently began to pull things back I discovered all these many stems and leaves trying valiantly to reach the sunlight. They are a little pale but with some sunshine they'll be fine.  After their blooming I will have to lift them to a better home for next year...and spread them out a bit. Oh happy day!

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Brenda Cohorn said...

God knew we would need Sabbath rest. When we hustle and bustle around meeting ourselves coming and going it is so blessed to reach for that rest. I am so thankful for that sacred rest when I need it. God Bless you, Debra.